Thursday, September 12, 2013

Weekend Update

It's been a while, I know. It's also been a wonderfully event-ful month since I've updated the blog last. Let me encapsulate the events, in no particular order:
--- The Boy started kindergarten at Minedeo School. He's enjoying it, for the most part. The only thing he does NOT like is the length of the days - he gets to early-school breakfast around 7:15, and he gets off the bus in the afternoon at 4:10. That's a long day, compared with the 8:30-12:30 day at Rodef Shalom. He'll get used to it. I brought cupcakes to the classroom for his birthday, so I got to see the classroom in action, so to speak.

He's already far, far more canny than we've given him credit for. He managed to momentarily convince my wife to let him stay home last Friday, saying that he wanted to go to temple with grandma and grandpa for the second day of Rosh Hoshanah. The conversation when I got home; "Why do you want to stay home?" "I want to go to temple with Grandma and Grandpa tomorrow. " "Boy, don't try to b.s. a professional b.s. artist. Why do you want to stay home?" "Kindergarten is too long."

He went to school. If he was the type that actually sat in temple, then I would have had no issues with it. If Little Bear, for instance, wants to go to temple with Grandma and Grandpa next year, then I wouldn't question. He's enjoyed going to services since he was an infant. The Boy is like me - he's got a spring implanted in his backside when it comes to religious services.
--- We had a marvelous, wonderful, perfect visit with my college buddies from The Quad. J and C, D and Z came from Boston and Maryland, respectively, to spend a long Labor Day weekend. It was incredible. We went to the Children's Museum, and Primanti's, and a great birthday party at the Family Park. We did minigolfing at Monster Minigolf. It was epic. Best part? All four boys slept in the same room all weekend without issues.

We also polished off a few six packs and a bottle of Jack Daniels, but that was after the boys went to bed. That's a story for a different blog.
--- The Wife is back to work. She got a long-term substitute position at two schools in Pittsburgh Public. She's teaching in the school right around the corner from Grandma and Grandpa, which is kind of cool - that's the school with the little playground behind it that we used to frequent all the time. The other school is on the other side of the city. She's three days at each school - it's a six day rotation. It's good news and meh news at the same time: good news because her supervisor seems to love her and wants to get her into a full time position. Bad news because she isn't in a contract position and it being paid substitute pay without benefits for doing the work of a full time teacher.
It's a tough adjustment for everyone; arranging the schedules of one school-age and two pre-school children, full time work, and managing the household. I'm trying my best to step up and take as much of the pressure off of her that I can. It's also hard for her to be away from the kids for the full days; she hasn't been away for that long since December, 2008, when she left her last position. That's pre-Little Bear, by the way.

Might be hardest on The Baby, because Little Bear is able to be in preschool every day.
--- L'Shana Tovah to all my peeps among the Chosen People. Easy fast on Saturday. I'm not fasting, because I'm not Jewish, and because I don't fast without medical necessity.
--- Pirates broke the streak of 20 consecutive losing seasons and are contending for a division title. It's been the best story in baseball this year by a longshot, particularly since Andrew McCutchen is contending for an MVP. The Yankees, on the other hand, are a longshot for a second wild card and have used more players than any other year in their history because of injuries. Jeter's done for the year, and the games are painful to watch. It's Mariano Rivera's last season, so I'm tuning in late in ballgames to watch him pitch. It's been a great, eventful baseball season for both of my teams, although I wish for a few less injuries.

--- The boys love, love, love reading Action Cat and Adventure Bug comics in "Aw Yeah Comics." It's the must-read book of this year by a longshot. The Boy has been reading to his brothers regularly.

It's interesting how the two older boys conceptualize reading. Little Bear will sound out and guess words, The Boy will kind of mumble through them and try to guess by context clues if he doesn't know the words. The Boy is still playing Kingdom Hearts and reading all of the dialogue on the screen, which is really quite advanced reading for a six-year-old.

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