Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rough Night

The Boy was home from school on Wednesday. While I was at rehearsal on Tuesday night, he spent a nice chunk of time throwing up for Grandma and Grandpa. He was really okay by the morning, but we kept him home because 1) we don't want to spread any stomach virus germs around the school (we're good like that), and 2) the last time he was puking similarly, he spent five days in the hospital. I was positive that this wasn't a repeat occurrence, but better safe than sorry.

I stayed home from work because I don't use a lot of sick days, and because The Wife is a long-term sub; after 40 days in the classroom, she gets bumped up a few bucks a day and gets a nice check of retroactive pay, which is really, really important to us. The Boy was okay but not so physically active, so we rested together for most of the day. We watched "The Little Mermaid" (at his request, his first time seeing the movie), a couple of other shows, played some iPad, went for an easy walk around the block to get in the sun for a little while, and otherwise relaxed. It was the first slow-moving, relaxing day that I've had in months and months, and I probably needed it more than he did.

The other boys did their normal thing: pre-school to Grandma's, until Mom picked them up on her way home from work. We all kind of vegged out for the rest of the night.

Thursday was a relatively normal day: I took The Boy to school and got home in time for dinner. I took the boys to the playground for a bit while The Wife's quartet sang, then they had a nice snack (Mango fruit ice) before bath and bed. However, The Boy had a bit of a meltdown after dinner. He said that there was no school tomorrow (Friday), that Ms. B (his teacher) had said that there was no school tomorrow. He was really, really insistent about it! He was so insistent that I actually had to check the calendar to make sure that there was, indeed, school. He threw a moderate fit about it, which is really, really odd for him - he throws plenty of fits, but never about something like that.

Last night, The Baby slept without a diaper, as he had for a week or two. I took him to the bathroom shortly before bed, and he peed. That didn't stop him from waking up at 3:00, right after he wet our bed. The TEAM started up again, and The Wife took him to get cleaned up while I got a covering for the bed so we could sleep - a little bit of baby pee is disgusting, but not really worth the production of changing the entire bed sheets when we'll all be up in two hours anyway.

I got up a bit early because I had to finish packing for me trip (toiletries and power cords and such), exercised, ate breakfast, and came back upstairs. The Boy woke up and immediately started freaking out about how he wasn't going to school, his teacher TOLD HIM that he didn't have school, and he wasn't getting dressed. Then, he would take his shoes off immediately if they were put on. Then, he was not getting in the car. We got to the school, and he said, "You'll see, Daddy. When you ring the doorbell, nobody will answer it."

He did have school. It's been a long time since I've seen him so, so sad, as when the lady opened the door for the morning breakfast program.

Thankfully, Little Bear decided not to give us a hard time last night or this morning. The only issue he had was that he was tormenting The Boy, with relish and gusto. It's amazing how quickly Little Bear has learned how to twist the knife in his older brother's pain. Sigh. I'm moderately surprised that The Boy didn't pop him one, and I'm fairly sure that I would have pretended not to notice if he did.

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