Thursday, October 3, 2013

All About The Baby

The Baby is quite an entertaining little man. It is amazing to watch him interact with his brothers and to learn new information; having two little people around him, showing him by example how to do things, has allowed him to do quite advanced things. His singing, for instance, shows quite a bit of range and pitch accuracy (relative to other 2-year olds). I mean, don't get me wrong - he is clearly a preschooler / toddler, and clearly a 2-year old baby with all the positives (snuggling) and negatives (potty training and tantrums) that that implies. He is a delightful little person.

One of the little things that we play with the boys: "How much does Daddy love (insert child's name)?" The response is "SOoooooo much!" or "MMMMmmmmm-ah!" depending on the responder. The Baby responds differently: "How much does Daddy love The Baby?" His response: "Me!!!!" while putting his hand in the air. Same concept, different question ("Who's the baby?" "Me!!!!")

He also really, really loves the "This Is Halloween" song from "The Nightmare Before Christmas," and he sings along in the car with it. He knows a surprisingly large amount of the lyrics! He will also walk around the house singing some of my quartet's songs, particularly "Go The Distance," from Hercules - "I love Hercules!" he will say. He knows how to navigate a Netflix queue, and does a nice job with the letter and word games on the iPad.

His napping is becoming a little spotty - since he needs to nap with a buddy, he will nap with Grandma on the afternoons that he's there. If he's at the babysitter's house, he will not nap. His sleep at night becomes funny - if he takes the nap he really needs and should take, then he's up until 9:30 or 10:00. If he doesn't nap, he passes out around 4:30 and then is awake until midnight. So, pick your poison. The other boys tend not to nap unless a long car ride; The Baby still needs his.

The Baby's adjusted quite well to school. He doesn't cry any more when we drop him off. Today, we got into the classroom and changed into his pullup pants, and he said, "Bye, Daddy! Bye, Daddy!" and ran off to play without a second look. That's a nice change from a few weeks ago, when he'd cry hysterically for most of the car ride and for an hour or so into the school day. That child is attached to his parents.

He's also been splitting his nighttime snuggle time with both parents, which is nice to see. Mom is still his majority preference, but there are plenty of times when he sits up, looks at us both, and snuggles up to me. I love that. If Mom is busy at night, then he will snuggle with me without an issue. (The only issue is when she's getting up and settling down and getting up, kind of coming in and out of the room while doing stuff. He doesn't like that. He wants his snuggle partners to stay put.)

Going to preschool with Little Bear has been a big help. They play together during outside time.

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