Thursday, October 3, 2013


So, last night, The Wife was not feeling well. She spent dinner time at her parents' house with the boys while I had quartet rehearsal, and I met them back at the house around 8. The boys had already taken a bath at Grandma's house, so they just needed to get into pajamas. The Boy was practicing violin when I got home, and The Baby and Little Bear were fighting over the iPad. I took it away from both of them and shooed them upstairs.

The Boy joined us soon after, and The Wife stayed downstairs to relax a bit. We all cuddled up on my bed and read the next section of Neil Gaiman's new book, "Fortunately The Milk," which is marvelous. It's a great, illustrated adventure story starring a father who is trying to bring home milk for his kids' breakfast. Along the way, he encounters aliens (who want to redecorate the planet - replace our mountains with throw pillows and Australia with a giant commemorative plate shaped like Australia), Professor Steg (a stegosaurus), natives looking for a sacrifice to their volcano-God, and pirates. In short, everything a young mind wants to encounter in their daily life: "scary" bad guys that aren't really scary and can be outwitted with some creativity.

I started reading the book Monday night. I had left my iPad at work, and The Wife was using hers. Seeing the illustrations really adds to the story, so I used an alternative solution than reading it on my phone to them: I used Airplay mirroring and read the book off of the television in our room. That way, the words and the pictures were visible for all. I'm really proud of that, particularly since all three boys enjoyed reading and looking at that.

The Baby lost interest fairly quickly and started to play with the iPad. Little Bear fell asleep after about a page, and The Boy hung on for about 10-15 pages before falling asleep. I just stayed there for a little while, enjoying the relative silence (The Baby was trying to play Cut the Rope and failing, but since he was having fun, whatever).There are few things more rewarding, I think, than having a pile of small boys asleep, snuggled up to you.

Tonight, the Pirates are playing in the division series against the Cardinals at 5pm. I'm meeting the family at my in-laws' house: we don't have cable, so we can't watch the game on TBS. We'll have dinner there. The Wife has quartet practice, so we'll head back over at the end of the game (or 7:30, or when the kids start going nuts). We might finish the book tonight, or we might not. That's okay. I think this one will become part of the regular rotation.

Editor's note: we didn't. We made about 10 more pages. It's a fun book, and they like it, but they're sleepy little things.

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