Saturday, October 19, 2013

Blessed Quiet

I will again repeat: these glorious moments in the morning, when no one else is awake, are some of my favorite times of the day. The children and my wife are blissfully asleep. It's a Saturday, so besides some singing for her, for the rest of us it's a relatively untimed day. I can sit here with my coffee, type a bit, and listen to the silence.

It looks like the fevers have mostly broken. Little Bear was fine at bedtime. The Baby was still a bit warm but trending in the right direction. Both of them stayed home from the kindergarten education dinner at temple tonight, and they were both asleep by 7:30.


Little Bear woke up and called for me. I sat down with him, and we started our normal morning ritual. "Good morning, Little Bear. Did you sleep well?" "Yes." "Did you have nice dreams?" "Yes." "What did you dream about?"

Last night's dream involved him being lost in Wonderland. The Justice League found him and saved him, and then they fought the Queen of Hearts. I always lean in, eyes wide: "Who won?" I wait with breathless anticipation. He pauses, gathers himself, and whispers intensely: "The Justice League!" I cheer, excited and concerned for them.


The Boy and The Baby were just starting to stir when I sent Little Bear to go potty and get dressed, so I snuggled in with them while they woke. Same set of questions. The Baby said he dreamed about elephants. The boy never chooses to answer. That's okay.


The fevers are gone and the trip is on. We just got back from breakfast, and I'm updating the iPads and iPhones that are traveling with us. Once that's done, the car is already loaded, so we'll go play in the park for an hour before leaving. Run the sillies out, then they'll nap halfway to Maryland. It's a long weekend, but any weekend spent with the boys is a good one.

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