Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day Off

On Monday, I was off from work because of Collumbus Day. So, I took the boys to school and came home, armed with a "Honey Do" list.

I suppose that's kind of a misnomer and unfair to The Wife; she really doesn't have a Honey-Do list. If she wants me to do something, she asks, and I generally do it then and there. There aren't very many things around the house that she wants me to do - either she's going to do it on her own, or it just doesn't really occur to her to ask. I'm the one that pokes around the house, finds the broken stuff, and figures out whether or not I can fix it. In this case, I had a simple list: spackle some curtain rod holes still leftover from the move-in last year.

(I never said I did my tasks quickly.)

I stopped at the driver's license center to figure out that they aren't open on Columbus Day, either, which makes a certain amount of sense. I then went home, gathered my tools, then climbed into bed and went to sleep. I got up in time to stop at the doctor's office, which - because of the waiting time - turned into a not-quick visit. I then went and picked up Little Bear and The Baby at Rodef.

The Baby is funny. He generally doesn't have a hard time with most drop-off days at Rodef. He likes his teachers and his friends, and now that he's in the schedule, he's good. So, he was playing and walking around, turned and saw me, then burst into tears. Sigh. Little Bear was involved enough with his lunch that he didn't notice me for five minutes of so, then said hi, finished what he was doing, and came with me.

It was raining, so we didn't go to the zoo like I had initially planned. Instead, I took the kids to a neat playground in Fox Chapel. Both fell asleep quickly, as I thought they would. What I miscalculated: the length of their sleep cycle. When we got to the playground, I sat for a while and waited for them to stir. They woke up cranky and upset, and both refused to get out of their chairs and go to the playground. Sigh. Instead, we went back into town and got frozen yogurt.

After that, we went home and played. I'm cool with that. It was a nice afternoon, and we pretended we were in Kingdom Hearts. The Baby decided he was Donald, and I was Goofy. Little Bear was occasionally Sora (the main character) and occasionally Superman, depending on whatever was needed. I sometimes changed into Super-Daddy (you know, Superman's Daddy), and sometimes I was either Lex Luthor or Oogie-Boogie (from Nightmare Before Christmas), depending on which villain he needed to vanquish. The Wife got home, and we traded children so I could go to quartet rehearsal.

Interesting note about The Baby: Little Bear, The Baby, and I went to the JCC on Sunday morning. The open gym wasn't open yet, so we went to the playroom. The Baby saw the open playroom with the other kids and parents and absolutely flipped his lid. It took him 15 minutes to calm down. Basically, he was certain that I was going to leave him alone in the playroom with the other kids and go away. That makes me SOOOO sad! I hate that we have to do that to our kids, but iit's really expensive to live on one income. All was not lost: once he figured out that I wasn't leaving, he calmed down and played. Little Bear had no such qualms, having gone to the playroom with me on an awful lot of occasions


Maryland trip for the wedding this weekend. Down part: wedding is 3pm on Sunday, which means leaving 5 or 6pm on Sunday and arriving home between 10pm and midnight on a school / work night. Ugh. Excited about the wedding; not so much about the drive.

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