Thursday, October 10, 2013

Facing Front

So, we reached another milestone over the weekend: we turned The Baby's car seat around to front-facing. That's a pretty big deal, as it's one step closer to not needing the car seats at all! (Imagine: getting my car back!) He seems to enjoy it a little bit more. I'm certain he enjoys the leg room.

Side note: he's actually not close to the weight limit for rear-facing. It's the height. Like his brothers, he's a skinny, LOOOONG little thing. But, his head was starting to poke over the top of the carseat, and that becomes dangerous.

We have a major complication for the week: the babysitter's daughter was diagnosed with hand-foot-mouth disease, which throws huge chunks of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday into difficulty. Grandma and Grandpa are going away from Wednesday through Friday as well, which only makes it that much more challenging. Not to mention that, you know, my kids were hanging out with her last week. Sigh. Good thing that those things are most contagious before symptoms show, or we'd be quite worried. No symptoms yet, I think. We'll see what happens.

So, we're delving into the second and third stringers in terms of child care - putting together people to watch the kids for an hour or two at a time. What makes this REALLY difficult is the fact that the kids need - you guessed it - car seats to travel from place to place. Now that The Baby is front-facing, it should make it somewhat easier - many of our friends have multiple small children and thus multiple car seats, so they can transport one of their kids and one of mine from place to place. The transportation issue is what really complicates child care: how do we get multiple children from Rodef Shalom to a babysitter's house, for instance, when grandma (who has 3 car seats in her car) is away? Multiple drivers for multiple children, naturally. Sigh.

Please note that second and third stringers should not be considered as qualitative judgments on their child care abilities; more that it's the people that have said, "Let us know if we can help!" without having us actually take them up on the offer before. See: how to help from January 2009 or so. Incidentally and not coincidentally, there's a few people that have seriously moved up our lists this week by being able to take care of the slack. There have been more than one set of people who offer to help, except when it's not convenient for them. In this case, people have been accommodating and helpful for us.

(Not that they haven't been before. I have to give a major, major shout-out to Rodef Shalom, who have been so gracious, accommodating, and wonderful to us. They've really bent over backwards with no notice to help us out. Friendship like that will not be soon forgotten.)

It's going to be an interesting ride this week. Hold on to your hats.

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