Friday, October 18, 2013

Plan B

Here was the plan for the week, since Grandma and Grandpa are leaving Thursday afternoon to help with the wedding planning: on Thursday, The Baby was supposed to spend the day with the babysitter. Little Bear would go to Rodef as per normal and get dropped off at Grandma's house; The Boy had a half day of school, so he'd go to Grandma's. The Wife also had a half day; she'd pick the boys up at Grandma's house and hang out with them until I got home. Friday, all three boys would head to Rodef. The Boy would be the "student helper" for the day. You know, Big Man in Kindergarten with all the littler kids 'n'at. I was taking a half day from work on Friday and working at home, so I'd pick the three up at 12:30 and spend the day with them. Friday night, we have a Sunday School event dinner at Beth Shalom. Saturday morning, I was going to take the kids out to breakfast, then run them around the park for an hour or two before hitting the road for Maryland. Picnic at 6pm for dinner, then pictures at 1pm on Sunday morning. Complicating things a bit, I am supposed to drive them myself. The Wife has a concert Saturday night, and she'll be driving herself afterwards.

"Life is what happens when you're busy making plans." John Lennon. "Man plans, G-d laughs." Old Yiddish proverb.

Tuesday afternoon, The Wife got a phone call for a job interview VERY south of town. The interview would be Wednesday afternoon. Little Bear woke up at 3am with an elevated temperature; he went back to sleep after some Tylenol, and the fever was gone the next morning. His behavior was normal, so he went to school. The Wife went to the interview; the superintendent and principal got called away for an emergency (a legit one involving fire elsewhere in the district) and rescheduled the interview for Thursday afternoon. Little Bear's temperature spiked to just over a hundred at Grandma's house in the afternoon, and The Baby was feeling warm around bedtime. The Baby had a restless night and woke with a temperature in the high 99s. Neither child went to preschool today. The Boy is, at this point, fine and as normal as he ever is.

So, plans rapidly change. Grandma graciously accepted the younger boys until they are leaving for Maryland. I'm leaving work at 2:30 to get them and bring them home-ish. The Wife's interview is at 2:15 or so down south. Depending on what's happening with the sickies, either she's going to go to the parent/teacher conference (for The Boy, at 4:15) by herself, or we'll bring everybody with us. After the conference, I'll work from home and finish the last hour and a half of my day.

Tomorrow will depend on what happens with the other two children. If they're better and can go to school, then I'll still work the half day. Otherwise, I'll just have to take the full day off from work to care for the sick kids. I hate taking the day, but such is life.

As far as the wedding this weekend, we're in "wait and see" mode. Most of the time, these fevers come and go in 24 or 48 hours. If they're better by Saturday morning, then the weekend will go as planned. If not, then The Boy will go with The Wife late Saturday night, after her concert. I'd say we're probably about 60-40 going as planned; there's always the chance / likelihood that The Boy starts showing fever between now and the wedding, particularly tomorrow when he's cooped up all day with Sickie 2 and Sickie 3. Oh, and that also assumes that The Wife and me don't get sick, either. Considering that I have my show next weekend, it's a virtual certainty that I will be getting sick.

That's the big difference between 1 kid and 2 or 3 kids; we don't arrive at a place, we descend on it. There are an awful lot of balls in the air on any given day to make sure that the children have coverage 100% of the time, and having to re-do multiple days' schedules at the drop of a hat is a Herculean task. Wow.

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