Sunday, November 10, 2013

Family Update

I arrived at the house at the same time as The Wife and the children a few days ago, and I parked in the street. I wasn't sure who was leaving first the next morning, so better safe than sorry, right? Little Bear and The Baby came down the driveway to say hi. I gave a nice hug to Little Bear and reached out for The Baby. He started giggling, turned around, and yelled, "You can't catch me!" I'm pretty sure that that's the first time he's said that. The Wife doesn't remember it, either. He's said, "Daddy, get me!" for a while, but never a sentence like that one. Side note - yes, I can catch him.

He has taken himself to the potty more and more often, which is really nice to see. Now that The Wife has left her substitute teaching job, she'll be able to finish the potty training for him. I am perfectly okay with not having to change diapers anymore. Last week, he took himself to go poo in the potty, which is great; except he didn't tell anybody before or after. It made quite the mess. Not the first, and probably not the last. Gotta teach him how to wipe, too.

The Boy has really, really been taking off, intellectually, since he's been in school. It's not that he wasn't beforehand; but, being around all those new people and new teachers has given him many, many new ideas. He's making intellectual and conceptual connections at an amazing rate of speed. It's things like "60 plus 60 is 120, because 6 plus 6 is 12.," which leads into 6000 plus 6000 is 12000, etc. He's been able to map that over into other numbers - 30 plus 40, for instance. He's become quite aware of the calendar and how days and weeks and months work with each other: we get a report, daily, on what rotation day it is and how many days are left until the next great event. In this case, it's how many days until the Veterans' Day day off from school.

I haven't seen that The Boy has asked to play with any of his school friends yet, though. I don't know if that's a factor of The Wife and I being overly committed in our personal and professional lives or of The Boy not finding any real pals in his class. There are a few names that keep popping up in conversation, which is nice, and his teacher told us (at the parent teacher conference last month) that he was doing fine in the social arena. He's even, apparently, had a few kids try to pick on him, which he handled well. I know that I always handled that sort of thing well - gave as good as I got, and I was always of a size with the bully-kids, so they wouldn't pick on me often. The Wife was bullied far more than I was, but I honestly think that that was more of a cultural thing as opposed to a personality thing - once she left the private school and went back into the public schools, most of that went away.

Little Bear has kind of been in a bit of a rut lately.He gets up, gets dressed, goes to school, plays after school at Grandma's, plays at home, then goes to bed. He's not doing poorly - he's just on a nice, happy, stable little island. He likes his friends and his teachers, he likes his work, and he likes his playing. He still will only wear Superman shirts; if they're all in the laundry, he will grudgingly consent to wear Batman. He loves to dress up whenever possible, and he's still the most patient of the boys when it comes to going to services, singing the religious songs, and paying attention.

He's been wearing out a little bit earlier than his brothers at night. A few nights this week, he's put himself to bed while 1 and 3 were still finishing up their bath. He just gets tired; I think he might be growing. We'll see.

Kids showing teamwork:

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