Friday, November 8, 2013

Show weekend

From Oct 30:

My father drove into town on Friday afternoon for the weekend. This was the first time that he had driven out to Pittsburgh since he broke his back earlier this year. It was a little rough on him, but not moreso than he could handle at this point. We had a nice dinner Friday night at home, and I got to bed as early as humanly possible.

The Wife sang Saturday morning services, so the boys and I and my father went out to breakfast together. It was a relatively uneventful breakfast, although the Bagel Factory was more crowded than usual. All of us overslept a bit on Saturday morning, which meant a later start than normal. Surprisingly, breakfast places are more crowded at 9AM than at 7AM. I left around noon, leaving my father with the three boys until The Wife got back around 12:45. It's nice that they are old enough to not give him TOO hard of a time.

The boys did a nice job while I was at the show. They were a little bit obnoxious, but not actually misbehaving. They sat through the entire 2 hour show and even made it most of the way through the afterglow (which was a dinner 'glow) before turning into pumpkins. I'm really proud of them. I'm sure they were squirrely at times in the audiences, but they had a good time and seemed to enjoy watching the show. When the chorus set started in the second half of the show, you could hear "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" on the recording, yelled by The Boy. Kind of cute, but.... sigh. Children, amirite?

The Wife left the afterglow a little early with the children, to get them home and to bed. Since my quartet was there (and performing), I stayed until the end. All in all, it was a wonderful day and a wonderful night. I'm really proud of my chorus and of my quartet.

Sunday was spent resting. I honestly don't remember the last time I was as exhausted as I was on Sunday. We didn't do a lot - played at the open gym at the JCC in the morning, went to the playground in the afternoon, went to dinner at Don Pablo's then frozen yogurt after. Little Bear must be in a growing cycle right now: he ate his dinner, half of The Boy's dinner, half of The Baby's dinner, and a full serving of frozen yogurt afterwards.

Granted, he puked up his dinner remnants on Monday morning, which wasn't cool, but other than that and some yucky diarrhea that caused him to miss a couple of days of school, he was fine. Monday, I took off from work, dropped 1 and 3 at their respective schools, went out to breakfast with my father, then got a new driver's license (only 2 months expired), new case for my iPad, some groceries, and leaf bags from Home Depot. I picked up 3 at the appointed time, and we spent the rest of the afternoon doing not much of anything. Daddy needed the rest, as did Little Bear, and The Baby... is The Baby. He's a ball of motion at all times, regardless.

The Wife is leaving her substitute teaching job after this week or so. I have a lot of thoughts about that, most of which have been discussed in this blog in earlier years. Not sure if I want to expound upon them at this point, other than saying that being a substitute teacher (even a long-term sub, where you're in one position) sucks majorly. I'm so glad that I have a good job at a good employer, with a good manager and good coworkers. I'm really, really lucky.

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