Saturday, November 30, 2013

Written Monday

Around Halloween, I re-started my gluten free diet. This is not a particularly new thing for me; I've been on limited gluten for a long time, except since we've moved to Pittsburgh, I've kind of let it slide. (Not coincidentally, my weight's crept back up about 15-20 pounds over the last few years. I'm not sad about that; with all the weightlifting I've been doing over the last year, I need the extra mass. When I'm lighter, I get hurt easier while lifting. When I'm this weight, I can lift with a lot fewer negative side effects.) The Baby has been suffering from some difficult digestive issues (read: icky, liquidy poop) that has made potty training more challenging for him, so we moved him to a gluten-free diet to see if that would help. The Wife and I joined him.

Over the course of the last month or so, we've kind of figured that it might not be the gluten for him; it might be the strange oils in so much food. So, we're trying to limit food with exotic ingredients for him. That's good practice, in general: if you've never heard of the ingredients, or if you can't pronounce them, then you probably shouldn't be eating the food. We think it's had a positive effect on him, but it might just be selective memory bias. We'll keep you informed. Suffice it to say, he's basically 100% pee trained, but #2 is causing some issues still. He gets it every once in a while, but not often enough. More often than The Boy at a comparable age, but not as often as Little Bear.

Saturday, after my chorus's show downtown, we went to a friend's birthday party. They had all sorts of yummy, delicious food, most of which was gluten-type stuff that some of us couldn't eat. The Boy and Little Bear are not following this diet, so they made up for the rest of our restrictions by eating everything in sight. The Wife, The Baby, and I restricted ourselves to corn chips with amazing buffalo chicken dip and veggies. From there, we went to an event at Rodef Shalom, where they served pizza. Again, 1 and 2 ate their weight in food while the rest of us didn't. The Baby was quite upset about it.

Dietary restrictions are really difficult for kids that young because it's difficult to explain to them and it's difficult for them to comprehend. Like, a month or two ago, we all went to Steak 'n' Shake and got milkshakes, which interacted poorly with all of our digestive tracts. The Boy and Little Bear can be made aware of the connection between what goes in and how it comes out again, but it's impossible to explain to The Baby. All he knows is this: pizza in copious amounts is over there. Mommy and Daddy aren't letting me have it. I'm grumpy about that.

We've been remarkably lucky with the way our children eat. I chalk a big chunk of that up to The Wife and the baby-lead weaning, which has been discussed a lot in this blog. The boys have always eaten the same thing that we have eaten, from the start of them on solid food, so they never got the picture that there was baby's food and grown up's good. So, I can definitely see why The Baby would be really confused and angry about being denied food, particularly when he sees other people his size eating the food.

After the recital yesterday, they had a "potluck" dessert table, with loads of different cookies and treats. Grandma had brought a fruit plate, which was perfect - the boys, to a man, will choose fruit over sweets most of the time. Don't get me wrong - The Boy and Little Bear ate their body weight in cookies, but they did it after they ate a plate of fruit. They had gluten free brownies there, which The Baby and I tore up.

The interesting thing will be thanksgiving. I told myself that I'd keep 100% gf until then. I don't mind breaking it for pumpkin pie.

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