Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Yogurt, Screen Time, Funny

Daddy: "C'mon, Little Bear, time for your bath. You're stinky."

Little Bear: "No, Daddy, YOU're stinky!"

Daddy: "I've been called worse by better."

Little Bear: "Okay, Worse. You need a bath."


There's a self-serve frozen yogurt place called Yogurt City that just opened up near the house. The kids like it because they have a TV there, and the counter workers are very good about putting on shows the kids enjoy. The first time we went, it was Phineas and Ferb. Second time, Super Mario Brothers Super Show. Last week, Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving was playing. There was another family at the restaurant when we arrived, so to show off, I asked The Boy to read the frozen yogurt flavors to his brothers. They were quite impressed with that, even moreso when he told them that he was in kindergarten.

They were even more impressed when Little Bear read the flavors down, only needing some help with some of the longer words ("original" tripped him up a bit). The Boy is starting to notice that much of the work in kindergarten is severely beneath his abilities, but he's not complaining too much, yet. The Wife is getting concerned that he's going to notice that the level of work is about what The Baby does on the iPad. Can you imagine how that would go in school: "You can't do this? C'mon. My 2-year old baby brother can do this." SMACK.

I've been told that The Boy is very well-behaved in school, which is nice, but expected. I've also been told that he's been handling himself well with the other kids - not letting himself get pushed around and not pushing the other kids around. That's even better. I was always a bit obnoxious in school - still am - and that occasionally caused problems for me. For the most part, though, I had enough people that liked me in most of the social cliques that I was just left alone. The Wife, at the private school, was a target, and she wasn't really able to overcome that. Once she made it to public school, she was fine. I honestly don't know how my brothers were in school - they were so much older than I was that it didn't register. Molly's sisters were relatively popular (among the more academically-proficient individuals), and her brother wrestled, so he had (at least) a detente among the jocks while doing well with the nerdy gamer-folks.

Little Bear does quite well at pre-school, The Baby does, as well, even though it's a little early to make judgments (as a 2 year old, he goes three times a week - he's not even at 30 days). He's adjusted to the school so the drop-offs are a little less dramatic than betore. As a matter of fact, we've even been able to remove some of the baby accommodations around the house - he no longer has a booster seat at the kitchen table any more! He's even getting himself dressed in the morning, kind of - socks are a problem, and he gets confused by the shirts. He'll frequently try to put the shirt on upside down, which doesn't work particularly well.

The Boy has been on limited screen time this week because he scratched him brother on the weekend enough to draw blood. So, until the scratches heal, he's on limited time. So, we started a tradition which I think we'll continue: one book on iPad, one real-life book. Yesterday, we read Neil Gaiman's "The Day I Swapped My Dad For Goldfish," which went over well. Very silly, and The Boy now understands swapping a bit, so he got it. The art is also weird and wonderful, which helps. I think we'll keep the "one iPad book, one real book" thing and just alternate who picks which on any given night.


Keep an eye out for a book called "I Am the Salamander," by Michael Jan Friedman. I just supported it on Kickstarter, and it funded! It's about a kid super hero who is also a cancer patient - a natural, considering my love for superheroes and my love for a certain child cancer patient. I'll post more info as it happens, but this is a must-get.

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