Monday, December 23, 2013


I've been playing through Kingdom Hearts again; mostly because, when our Playstation passed away a few months ago, the new Playstation wouldn't take the old saved games. Kingdom Hearts is an older game - 2004 - that combines the Walt Disney universes (Hercules, Tarzan, Alice in Wonderland, Nightmare Before Christmas, et al) with the Final Fantasy universes in a brilliant, fun, chaotic mismash. I finished 100% of the game when it first came out, and I decided to start again because it entertained the children (and The Boy asked). I'm playing on the "hardest" level, because 1) I'm good, and 2) why not?

Most of the time (and I've played for 10 hours over about 8 weeks), I'm playing in front of the children. Being a perfectionist and having less control over my mouth when I'm playing the games, I have a tendency to let slip a "Oh, sh&&," or "Oh, fu&&." This earns me The Look from The Wife; occasionally, The Baby will repeat something that he's heard. We are very careful about not reacting to it, because stimulus = response, and we don't want to encourage it.

Last night, I was playing, and my character died in a particularly unexpected way. "Oh, sh&&," I said, which was repeated promptly by The Baby. About fifteen minutes later, I died again but refrained from commenting.

The Baby looked at the television screen, saw the death picture, and said, "Oh, fu**."

Well, I guess it's a better reaction than throwing the controller across the room.


Tonight, The Boy and Mom are going downtown to see The Nutcracker at the Pittsburgh Ballet. They've been listening to The Nutcracker in the car playlist for a few weeks now; Little Bear has even learned a bit of the march on violin (the dum-da-da-da-dum-dum dum-dum-daaaaaaaa part). Little Bear was offered the opportunity to go but declined. I'm assuming that they're going to go out for dinner on the way to the show, and I'll be meeting 2&3 at Grandma's house. That's cool. If I do, maybe we'll go to the JCC and play in the playroom for a little while - just to get them out of the house. I like the JCC playroom, although for some reason The Baby always thinks we're going to leave him there. Weird.

Still, The Boy is excited about going to see The Nutcracker and going to the ballet. Personally, I'm lukewarm. I enjoy ballet as much as the next guy (ha!), but I'd really rather stay home and play with the other two children. Besides, Mommy rarely gets one-on-one time with the older boys. I missed my normal "playdate" with 2&3 on Sunday morning, when I went singing instead of stayed home with them. We'll see what happens. Maybe the younger two will not have napped and be exhausted by the time I get there; not likely, but possible. The Baby has been resisting his naps lately.


The Baby has been calling The Wife "Mama" lately. At bedtime, if he's irritated with me, he cries, "I want my mama!" "There's my mama!" etc. I think it's interesting. The Boy will occasionally use "Mommy," but I think that's a "that's what everybody at school" does thing.

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