Sunday, December 15, 2013

Weekend Update Redux

Well, the battle plan is only good until you actually make contact with the enemy. At that point, things rapidly start to disintegrate as per usual.

Friday night went pretty much exactly as planned. No worries. The snow hadn't started, The Wife joined us after services, and bedtime was easy. Th Baby hadn't napped, and he fell asleep on the car ride back home and never really woke up again until the next morning.

Saturday morning, it was just starting to snow a bit by the time we all left for Mispacha Music, so we had more of a crowd than I expected, frankly. The boys tore around the multipurpose room, turning it into a mini-WWE arena, which we allowed on the condition that it stopped once more friends arrived. The other two families that came brought all boys, which meant that the royal rumble proceeded unabated. Sigh. They sang the songs and played the games, and we made some new friends. It's always good.

The rest of the afternoon went smoothly. We did little else than play video games: Super Smash Brothers and Super Mario Brothers, some Kingdom Hearts, some iPad games. I napped with the baby for a while. The snow continued, changed to rain, back to snow, and finally to ice. We decided that I would stay home with kids, and The Wife would go play the concert. No sense taking two cars out with solid sheets of ice. She loaded Herman into the car, said goodbye, and walked back in the house ten minutes later. The street is solid ice, and the car couldn't make it up. Sigh.

We watched some of the Sing-Off, had dinner. Little Bear had a major meltdown right after dinner, and he was sent upstairs. He crawled into bed and fell asleep; he woke up in time for bath, some stories, and then back to bed. The Wife, at the school book fair, bought easy chapter books of Superman and Phineas & Ferb for the boys, and we made some headway in those. The Baby was still awake late, so I took him downstairs and let The Wife sleep. He fell asleep to the hypnotic music of Pixeljunk Monsters, and I watched game of Thrones before sleeping.

Today, we managed to get up to the top of the hill and do our Sunday stuff as per normal. 1 and 2 are in swimming lessons now, and then we're going to Barnes and Noble to see the chorus from The Boy's school sing. There might be frozen yogurt in our future tonight. We'll see; the boys have been grumpy and mean, and those types of boys don't get treats.

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