Sunday, December 15, 2013

Weekend Update

This is a relatively uneventful weekend - particularly considering how busy the last couple of weeks have been. Granted, it'll be easier than last weekend, if for no other reason that my health is improving - meaning I won't be out-of-play all weekend. Not that I'm close to 100% yet, thanks for asking; but it's getting better. The cough has a tendency to last for a few weeks once treatment starts, but it's at a low-level for the last couple of weeks. It's just the first week, week and a half that sucks.

Tonight, The Wife is singing at services. I'll pick up the children at Grandma's house. They'll probably already have eaten, which is a minor annoyance; Grandma is the Ultimate Jewish Mother, which means that the children are extremely well-fed. If they cast a hungry look at something, Grandma has a plate of delicious food for them. I like to eat with the family, but the boys are ready to eat dinner before I'm home from work. Whatever - if that's the biggest annoyance with which I deal, then I'm doing fine. I'll eat whatever's left over after the children demolish the plates, throw the kids in the car, and head home. I'm planning on introducing them to Super Smash Brothers tonight, assuming that they're old enough to control the characters. The Wife will be home around bedtime. We will either watch the Sing-Off or a movie.

Tomorrow, The Wife is doing Mispacha Music - it's the Saturday services, specially designed for little, little children and babies. The boys and I will go. They'll sing some songs and play some games, have some fun, and drink juice / coffee (for grownups) and eat muffins. In the afternoon, we have nothing in specific - naptime, I hope, and maybe some playing outside in the snow. Tomorrow night, I'm playing some percussion with The Wife's orchestra at their show, then jetting out early (I'm only on one piece) at heading home to bed. Well, I'm going to bed; she's going to an afterglow for a different show.

Sunday is Sunday School and the JCC Open Gym (for the three of us, Little Bear - The Baby - and me), then the boys and I play while The Wife goes carolling at the VA. The evening and late afternoon are going to be some nice, event-free family time.

I'm looking forward to it. The next weekend is busy, with a trip to Ohio to sing for my bass's mom's church, and then we might be heading to New Jersey for New Year's. We'll see.

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