Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Cold That Lasts Forever

The Wife just texted me to let me know that she was picking The Boy up at school. Ms. B, her teacher, said that he just wasn't doing very well, so - discretion being the better part of valor - she went to go get him. I wonder, considering his medical history, if we're always going to take a softer approach with him in regards to sick days. I know, with Little Bear, I tend to be a lot more cavalier: "He's not as feverish as he was. I'm pretty sure he's not contagious anymore, so send him to school." But, with The Boy, we tend to respond to every little thing with a lot of close attention.

It makes sense, right? We educated ourselves quite thoroughly on the long-term effects of his chemotherapy drugs, and we are extremely well aware of the higher incidence of kidney issues and other forms of cancer (particularly leukemia in the teenage years). I would wager that we know more about the frequency and quality of his bathroom emissions than many parents of kindergarteners do for that exact reason - we're also aware of the higher incidence of intestinal blockages in patients who have had his surgeries. I've called it the Sword of Damocles before, and it truly is. We're thrilled he's through the other side of treatment, but we don't relax much.

On the other hand, we're a lot more chill about the other two students. Little Bear dives off the slide and earns some chin stitches? Whatever. It's unfortunate, and we feel for the kid, but we're not going to flip out about it. I mean, my oldest son had 10% of his body mass removed in the form of a tumor. 5 stitches on the chin is, literally, nothing.

I could see it coming, hindsight being 20/20. Last night, I got home slightly later than normal from work - you'd think that people in Pittsburgh would know how to drive in the rain, considering the amount of rainfall here, but you'd be mistaken. I had a quick dinner, then called the boys, one at a time, in to practice violin. They hadn't played in a couple of days because they've been sick, The Wife has been sick, and I've been significantly slower than normal (going through the same illness, but much slower and much less intense). So, after dinner, we were set to play. Little Bear came in, flipped the f**k out, and refused to play. I tried my usual jokey ways to calm him down and get him ready to play, but he wouldn't. Lacking patience and time (I had a 7:00 meeting to attend), I offered him the choice: either play or, being too tired, go to bed immediately. He chose bed. I called The Boy in, tried to talk him into playing, failed, and offered the same choice. He chose bed.

Granted, this caused an enormous meltdown, because bedtime without playing violin doesn't come with stories or snuggles or talking or songs. Just, put on your pajamas, brush your teeth, give a hug, and go. This would have been around 6:30 by the time both boys were "settled" but upset in bed. The Wife texted me at 6:45 to let me know that both boys were asleep.

Little Bear was up around 5:30 and causing some minor mischief: opening and closing our bedroom door, playing with the Trio blocks, putting on various costumes. I finally got up at 6 (I'm still on hiatus from exercising until Thursday), and we went down and had breakfast together.

The Boy grudgingly woke up at 6:45 and went to the bathroom. He looked entirely asleep when I saw him there, and I figured that he might not be quite back to normal. Looks like I was right. Don't get me wrong - knowing what I know now, I would still have sent him to school. I don't want him to get the idea that he shouldn't go to school at the slightest touch of a bug. But, he was kind of wiped at that point, even after he had cleaned up, taken a bath, and started to remotely resemble a human being.

It will be really nice when this cold has worked through our respective systems and pushed forward. I'm tired of everyone being sick.

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