Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Scarlet Letter

Monday night, when I got home from my front row rehearsal (the dancing part of the chorus), the older boys were awake. I tagged out Mom and finished her story, then did my usual chatting and snuggling with the boys. I did what I usually do: what was the best thing that happened to you today, who did you play with, that sort of thing. Little Bear stood up. "Daddy, I've got to get you something. I have something for you." The Wife intercepted him, he explained urgently that he needed to go downstairs to get something, and she followed him downstairs. A few minutes later, they came back up. "Daddy, I have a red 'S' for you [for Superman]," he said, and The Wife said, "Give it to him in the morning." So, they went (eventually) to sleep.

The next morning went as per usual: I got up and exercised, had breakfast, and went upstairs. Most of the family was still asleep, and Little Bear woke up as I finished my shower. He said, "Wait, Daddy! Don't go yet!" He ran downstairs and came back up with a set of alphabet stickers. True enough, they were red. He took off one of the "S" stickers and put it on my chest. "S is for Superdaddy. You get super powers when the 'S' is there. It'll keep you safe!"

I kept the S on my shirt all day, and - true enough - it kept me safe.


Three times over the past week, The Baby has been in his own bed at 5:15AM when I head downstairs. Once, I've been able to intercept him waking up, shuttling him to snuggles with Mommy. I will note that, on two of those three occasions, the only child in our bed was my oldest son. One glorious, glorious night, there were no children in our bed at all. That was a nice, refreshing change, although the bed was not quite as warm as when tiny little people are snuggled up.

I am really, authentically okay with The Boy jumping in bed with us. He needs extra snuggles. I know that he'll eventually grow out of it, and I don't really look forward to those days. I enjoy snuggles.


At school on Monday, they were making "necklaces" of 100 Fruit Loops. The kids were encouraged to make a pattern and repeat it until they got to 100. He was trying to figure out, at one point, how many fruit loops he had on the line. He determined that there were 6 fruit loops in the pattern; then he counted the number of patterns, counted by six that many times, and came up with the answer of 30. Not bad, for a kindergartener, to figure out how to multiply by 6.

One of The Boy's friends was asked who the smartest kid in school was - he responded, "The Boy!" That was nice to hear. The genetic stock ain't bad, so he should have a few brains in his head, you know?

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Johanna S said...

Little Bear and the S... Precious! The Boy... As my husband puts it, he does not have a confidence problem! DH says that about DD. She is the same age as the boy (three weeks younger), a fellow kinder gardener and also into math and often blowing us away. Wonder if The Boy may enjoy monopoly?