Monday, April 21, 2014

Like Father, Like Son

Last night, we had family movie night again, watching the 2003 Disney movie, "Brother Bear." If you didn't see it, mild spoilers ahead. The movie takes place in Inuit Canada or Alaska.

The premise of the movie: due to the actions of the little brother, the oldest brother gets killed fighting a bear (which is the totem of the little brother). The little brother seeks vengeance and kills the bear, which angers the spirits who turn him into a bear. He embarks on a quest to regain his humanity, accompanied by a mouthy cub and two moose, who are played by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas, reprising the Mackensie Brothers of Saturday Night Live fame.

The ending, as you would expect in a coming-of-age story like this, is touching and strikes an emotional chord with any of us who have lost family members (or, as The Boy has lately, thought about the concept of death). Here's what was illuminating to me: The Boy actually had tears in his eyes at the end of the movie!

My big softie of a son. He takes after me, and I take after my grandfather Hank, who would cry at the drop of a hat. It wasn't a family gathering if Pop-pop wasn't crying at some point. I'm the same way - just an emotional ball of mush. My wife is not that sensitive person - she doesn't see it. That's okay - two sensitive people like that probably shouldn't be raising three boys like we are.

It's nice to know that one of them takes after me, though.

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