Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nodding Off

The Boy, currently, is the only kindergartner from Minedeo School to be attending sessions at the gifted center for the Pittsburgh public schools. The gifted program takes place in its own building, at the Greenway School. The kids get to their school in the morning, and at the end of first period (or so) get on a bus, go to Greenway, and get back to their home school right about at the start of last period. I'm not sure what I think about the gifted program, but - at the least - it provides a nice break for the day for the kids.

We've been fighting a cold around the house. As per usual, it goes from child to child to child to grownup to grownup, then back to the first child. At the time of last week's gifted program day, The Boy was feeling sluggish but reasonably well. At the end of the Greenway day, he got back on the bus to go back to Minedeo.

At this point, he fell asleep on the bus. Now, he's the only kindergartner, so none of his normal school friends are on the bus with him. In addition, his head doesn't necessarily poke over the top of the seat. So, the bus drops the gifted students at Minedeo, then goes to the next school (Colfax) to pick up the kids at the end of their school day. One of the kids from The Boy's Sunday school class comes on the bus and sees him curled up in his seat, asleep, and they let the bus driver know what was happening. The bus driver has, I'm sure, an "oh, sh*t" moment and gets him back to Minedeo.

Now, to make this a tad more interesting, The Wife had stopped by Minedeo to drop off some stuff, go through some plans (she's playing piano and helping teach the kids for the Flag Day ceremony) with The Boy's teacher. She walked into the main office to sign in and sees the office staff, whose eyes went wide with a "holy crap how did you hear already?" moment. She hadn't, yet, but did. Long story short, The Boy was returned to his school promptly, the drive apologized profusely and got a good talking-to, and no harm was done. This will just be an amusing story we'll tell forever.

Side note: growing up, we always thought my mother had spies who would tell her what we did in any given day. As parents of motivated, highly energetic children, I can now say that it was a combination of two things: 1) people really are nosy and like to let you know when they see your children and what they were doing, and 2) kids will always tell you when they did something they weren't supposed to do.

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