Friday, June 27, 2014

10 Years, or the Tin Anniversary

Ten years ago, I knew everything.

I knew I was going to be a teacher for the rest of my life. I knew that I could, in all probability, stay at Columbia High School until I retired as a teacher. I knew I'd be an amazing bass in a quartet, and that my saxophone quartet would make a couple of local albums.

I knew that I was marrying the right lady, and I knew that our kids' childhoods would be healthy and happy and easy. I knew that we'd live in Jersey until we retired, where we might stay or we might follow our kids somewhere warmer, or go to Florida like all good Jerseyans.

One of those things turned out exactly correct.

I was not a good teacher. I mean, I was a great teacher, but a terrible professional. Columbia High School lasted another ten months, and I never did get a quartet, as a bass, that could get out of the C range. My saxophone quartet survived a couple more years, but we never got around to recording.

My kids' childhoods have, to date, been happy; but not healthy, and definitely not easy. I'm now living in Pittsburgh, where I intend to stay for the indefinite future, although I won't rule out moving somewhere warmer upon retirement (ha! As if I'll ever be able to afford that.)

But, I married the right lady. Intelligent, strong, motivated, hard-working, beautiful, talented.... someone who is, quite probably, out of my league. I thank G-d every morning that we're together, and it thank G-d every night that I have my beautiful family.

So, here's to ten years as a married couple. Best decision I ever lucked into.

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