Saturday, June 28, 2014

When the kids are away...

On our tenth anniversary, we did what every parent of little kids really wants: watched some tv and went to bed early, slept in, and went to breakfast.

Joke. Only kidding. Hey, remember when we were little, and we always wondered how much fun our parents had when we were not at their house? Well, it's all true. Kind of. We didn't go out to breakfast.

We started the night at work for The Wife, singing at services. The rabbi had a beautiful blessing in honor of our anniversary, which our family went in front to receive.... and The Baby spent the time screaming at the top of his lungs because we wouldn't let him at the microphone. Sigh.

We had a nice, outdoors dinner at Rock Bottom, a brew pub down at The Waterfront. The weather was utterly perfect for it: not too hot or too cold, with a touch of a light breeze, and no humidity. We just spent a blissful 90 minutes just talking with each other, about anything, everything, and nothing. You know, as if we were married or dating or something. I had a burger, she had enchiladas, and we sampled some of the brew pub's finest root beer.

Next door to the brew pub was the Sing Sing Dueling Piano Bar. We'd walked past it a few dozen times but never gone in; that will change in the future. Basically, it's a by-request piano performance. There were four guys who played piano (rotating, usually two at a time). Occasionally, they'd play some drums, or some bass, and there was one saxophone solo in the middle of a Billy Joel song. But, 99% of it was piano and singing.

You make a request on a piece of paper, and deliver it with a couple of dollars (or more) to the piano, where they play their versions of those songs. So, there might be some Pearl Jam, or Billy Joel, or AC/DC, or Hank Williams, or whatever people want to hear. They did a great job of putting a version of everything - including Baby Got Back, memorably.

People who had something like a bachelor or bachelorette party would tip more so their friend would be brought up on stage and embarrassed. The singers would also change words - usually adding something funny or obscene or both, to the roaring delight of the crowd. It was really a lot of fun.

The Wife requested "Fly Me To The Moon," which was our wedding song, and she later requested "New York, New York," because the Yankees won. They were delighted to play Fly me To The Moon - shockingly, Sinatra is not a big request - which was nice.

We wound up staying there for a few hours, which was nice. I'm kind of a stick in the mud these days - I don't pursue live music often, mostly because I spend a lot of time critiquing music as a director. In this situation, I didn't need to worry - because of the huge variety of stuff being requested, any version was entertaining. It was very loud, which again shows my age - next time, I'll probably bring ear plugs.

It's been a while since we stayed out past midnight, that's for sure; but, considering I was up at 5am that morning, I turn into a pumpkin at midnight. We slept nice and late this morning, because the boys had a movie night and sleepover at Grandma's house.

In short, a wonderful anniversary evening for us. May our 20th be just as much fun.

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