Monday, July 28, 2014


Lunch was in the town of Arromanches-les-Bains. Molly and I ate together in the restaurant De la Marine Hotel Arromanches, which overlooked the beach. The beach at Arromanches was one of the big landing points for the Normandy invasion, and you can see some of the floating cement piers that the Allied fortresses used to bring men and supplies across from England. It's a gorgeous little tourist town.

I also had a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone, which is my favorite flavor. The mint was a lot stronger than what I'm used to eating, which was cool. The peppermint flavor was a nice touch. Molly had a caramel ice cream cone, which had some butter cream chunks inside it, which was also tasty.

The surrounding lands are farmland - corn, I think, definitely wheat, and a lot of cows. There are an awful lot of cows. The houses are predominantly cream colored, some brick but mostly plaster-type outside with slate shingle roofs. The roads are quite narrow, making guiding this bus through town a mixture of skill, luck, and bravery. The buildings and walls are right up against the edges of the street - there are more sidewalks, but mostly the sidewalks are the streets. It is not uncommon to have the bushes and hedgerows grown out into the street a bit, brushing against the side of the bus. The speed limit signs are plain white circular signs, with the numbers written in black ink and a think red circle bordering the sign.

There was a small concert pavilion set up in downtown Arromanches, and Sidekicks and the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (the combination Cleffhangers and Fancy Pants quartets, formerly known as Pantshangers) both sang a song. The crowds enjoyed the performances and spoke with us afterwards.

There were quite a few British folks wandering around today.

I don't know if it's a sign of my French or my accent, but when I ask for something in French, the shopkeepers all answer me in English.


We warmed up on the bus for the Normandy cemetery performance. It was a unique experience, considering that I was holding on for dear life because of how Jean Josef, our driver, weaved his way down the roads. I tried conducting with one hand as much as I could, but when it got crazy, I held on with two hands and conducting with my head.

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