Thursday, July 10, 2014


I've got a post rattling around somewhere that talks about persona - our personas at work, with our children, with our spouse, with our friends, questioning whether one's True Face is one particular persona, a gestalt of all of them, or one's innermost "truth" only. It's still processing - frankly, it might never come out. I've had a long post about the state of education and my feelings on that that have been sitting in my local drafts since February.


So, my time as a bachelor is coming to an end this evening, some time after dinner. Here's the sum total of my "free time":

Sunday: passed out sick Sunday afternoon, paid bills and organized papers Sunday night.

Monday: yard work from six until nine, which included cutting through the extension cord of my electric trimmer.

Tuesday: chorus rehearsal.

Wednesday: more yard work, from 6 to 8, and bagged a bunch of comics and put them away, then watched the Game of Thrones season finale on HBO Go.

Thursday: don't know if I have the heart for more yard work, because the stuff that's left will require 3-4 hours.

Exciting, no? Highlight of the week was a caffeine overdone Wednesday afternoon, which had me bouncing around the basement like the duck from the old Duck Hunter Nintendo game..


The Baby's knee is getting better. He's not far from walking again, although - little prince that he is - he doesn't mind being carried around 100% of the time. I'm still thinking we'll take him for a checkup tomorrow or so, but we'll see. The other boys took it with their normal good humor - emergency rooms are not a strange part of our existence, although I think this is the first visit in 2014. Here's to hoping (somewhat futilely) that this is the last....

Side note: is that my kid? I recognize the Batman shirt, but....

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