Thursday, July 3, 2014

Birthday Presents

Today, I got home late for work because I ran around to find something for Little Bear for his birthday, which is Saturday. My ideal present is a little model kit for him and me - something that will take us a couple of hours to do together.

I don't have a lot of money - or rather, any money. I can't afford to buy big presents for the kids - and, the way we've raise them, they don't expect big presents. Grandma will buy some toys, which is what grandmas are supposed to do. Grandpa will send a present also. I don't want to buy toys for the kids, because Lord knows we have enough lying around the house. What can I give them, that will be special: my time. Something that is just a Little Bear and daddy thing - that is what I can offer.

The Boy and I have been working on a pirate ship and a comic book for six months or so, in fits and spurts. We've built a wooden train and a dinosaur skeleton together. That's been awesome. Little Bear and I built a small wooden box, which was fun. Now I want something else.

I did find some stuff at the dollar store and Kmart - Justice League cotton candy, an Avengers puzzle, a Superman car. I'll order the model online. It won't be here for his birthday, but it'll get here soon enough.

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