Sunday, July 27, 2014

Singing, Flying, and Awful Chairs

We arrived at Pittsburgh International Airport at about 4:45, delayed a little bit by a nasty accident combined with road construction. The old joke is absolutely true: the four seasons in Pittsburgh are construction, construction, construction, and winter. Plus, you can pretty well guarantee that someone is going to be tailgating close enough to cause an accident when the traffic slows down. We were not disappointed in human nature.

The check-in process was painless : scanned the passports, the e-ticket printed out, and we checked our luggage. There was the normal holdup at security; one checkpoint was open, which was fine until us and a hundred of our closest friends came down at the same time. I did opt out of the full body scanner; I've read enough horror stories, and cancer is close enough in our history, that I didn't want to mess around with it.

We sang at the airport gate, "We Are Family." After we finished, the lady working behind the counter came up to me and said that she wished that we could sing at every flight, because it calmed people down and stopped them from going to the counter and screaming at the attendants.

A little while later, Molly's quartet was singing "Beauty and the Beast," and a little girl came up next to her and started holding her hand. This little girl wasn't related to anyone in the group, she just felt an attachment to the singers.


The plane was about twenty-ish minutes late, which isn't bad. That's kind of right in line with expectation; close enough, in this case. The plane itself was absolutely dreadful; definitely not designed for people my size and a seven hour, transatlantic flight. The seats were too narrow; there were no power outlets devices; and there was no actual padding on any of the seats. It was also significantly louder than most of the planes I've used, which lead to some issues. No way to actually sleep on the plane, and our collective rear ends are sore. And, it's tough to enjoy a movie the the sound in your headphones is turned up all the way and you still can't hear. There was also some turbulence on the flight, to add insult to injury.

So, we left at 7:30pm and landed at 9:15am. I did manage to snatch 10-15 minutes of sleep, which will get me to lunch and an extra large coffee. I snagged the same seat on the bus that I did in Ireland - right next to the rear door, which has the extra leg room. Our tour host is Patrick. We will drive around the city of Paris (the circumference of the city, not touring the city) to get to Normandy, where we will have lunch and walk around for a bit. Eta in Normandy will be around 2.

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