Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I really do enjoy that the kids are searching out their own interests and their own things. I'm really trying to show them the things that I love - the books, movies, and comics with which I grew up - but am consistently surprised by what they discover. The last several days, The Boy has been watching "Oggy and the Cockroaches" on YouTube. This is a cartoon originating in France, but - for whatever reason - he watches the Hindi translation on YouTube. Since the humor is 100% visual, it's not a big issue. It's just entertaining, listening to him roll over with laughter at this silly show.

Poking around YouTube & Netflix is what caused the boys to discover My Big, Big Friend and a few other shows. It's a neat thing - as long as we make sure he doesn't discover the stuff that is a little too adult for his viewing habits. Plenty of time for that later. (To my sons, later in life: 1) don't use my Macintosh; 2) don't use my PC; 3) clear your browser history.)


What to get the kids when I travel next week? I'm not sure. Probably a comic book in French or two - maybe something familiar. Probably some candy, maybe a t-shirt each. They usually enjoy wearing matching t-shirts, although it's been a while since they've worn one that hasn't had Superman or Batman on it. French Superman? Maybe.


The Baby has had a rough week, sleep-wise. He has slept really fitfully, which doesn't help any of us. He's been restless and need steady snuggling to get back to sleep. That doesn't bode particularly well for our trip next week, but we'll see.

The Wife has him significantly closer to being potty trained, mostly because he can't run as fast as he usually does. Broken leg as a potty training tool? I don't recommend it, but it might just help in this case. Hopefully, he's closer to 100% than 0% next week for the grandparents.


Getting them started early / Tom Sawyer's trick: The boys helping with mowing the lawn last week. I have no issues with them being around our lawn mower, as it's a mechanical one and not a motorized one. Let's see if we can get that regularly. Too early, I know, but....

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