Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Take Me Out With The Crowd

Tonight, I'm taking The Boy to a baseball game, just him and me. I don't think that I've done that before - I've gone with two boys and my wife, and I think my father in law and I have taken one or two boys a few times. It's my first time to go with him, together. Little Bear wasn't too happy about it a few days ago - he has a keen sense of fair, and he either wanted to come along or to go with me, also. He's going to go with me on my birthday night, which is exciting for him - for me, also.The Baby is still a bit too young; I think that he'll be able to go next summer, when he's able to sit and watch a little bit more.

If I had to plan my ideal night: we'd get a reasonable parking spot in my favorite garage, right across the street from the Clemente Bridge. We'd get a sandwich or a hot dog from a street vendor, and sit on the bridge and eat dinner, maybe listen to one of the street musicians. We'll buy peanuts from a guy outside; you can still bring those into PNC Park. We'd go to the ballpark and take the long way through, stopping at the playground out past right field. Around 7, we'll walk up to our seats. The Pirates will score some runs early - maybe we get a big hit or home run from a "name" player - Polanco, or Walker, or McCutchen, someone that he knows. Innings 3-7 will go quickly, lots of fast outs, and there is a minimum of pitching changes in the 8th and 9th innings. 7:07 game start, 9:30 game finish, Pirates win, 4-2.

Of course, things got a little chippy in the game last night - some hit batters, a fired-up crowd.... that would actually be okay. I don't want anyone to get hit or hurt - but a typical "baseball brawl" (with a cluster of people, some pushing, lot of chirping, no real punching. That gets the crowd going, and I think he'd think it was funny. We'll see. I am looking forward to keeping score with him, though; he's as OCD as I am.


Yesterday, The Baby tried to walk on his bent-leg cast. It didn't go so well for him, but it didn't stop him from trying. I wonder if we can get him crutches, and if he would use them? I know they make them that small.

He does enjoy the sponge bath thing, though.


Little Bear's dreams, as he tells me, have been about him & me travelling to New Jersey together to see Grandpa. Either that, or the two of us going to Kennywood. The poor kid; I really wish I could spend more time with him, one on one. Eventually, I hope.


How it went:

He got dropped off at my office right at my quitting time. We parked the car downtown in my favorite lot; he wanted to park on the top floor so the car was outside. Whatever. I'm easy.

We had dinner at a restaurant named India Palace, which is where we've eaten the last few times we've gone downtown. It's a perfectly serviceable restaurant. It's nice that he enjoys Indian food with such gusto, though.

We got to the ballpark and realized we left his book at the restaurant - but, after we were already in hue he ballpark. Sigh. After a stop at the potty and playground, we went up to our seats: row X of section 322, which was the second highest row in the park. He was a little scared, but okay once we were settled.

We demolished a bag of peanuts, and he had some dippin' dots. He kept score for three innings before losing interest, and he arched a little bit of the game without paying a huge amount of attention. That was fine. We talked, and we sat together, and we just enjoyed a wonderful, pleasant evening.

The game went as I hoped: pirates scored 5 in the first two innings, then innings 3-6 went quite quickly. We left after the top of the 8th so we could get to the restaurant to get the book before they closed.

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