Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Unintended Consequences

So, the other night, The Wife was working on a learning track for my chorus, and I was working on going to sleep. That's not particularly unusual - I'm up at 5 o'clock every morning to exercise, and The Wife kind of moves out of bed between 7 and 7:30. This means that I had an earlier bedtime than she does. The Baby woke up around 10:20 and started screaming. I mean, not just normal wake-me-up crying, but loud, full-body cries.

So, I got him, put him on the toilet (that usually does it), and brought him in bed with me to snuggle back to sleep. He kept screaming and refused to be comforted. After about 20 minutes or so (can't really record singing when there's screaming in the background), she came upstairs to try to help. No good. He screamed for another 20 minutes. We tried giving him water, giving him hugs, asking him what was wrong ("I don' know!!!!"), asking him if he was sick, etc. Nothing. Just screaming.

Now, he's had a rough couple of weeks. He's actively fighting the potty training thing, and the methods that we used with his brothers just didn't work. The alternative methods suggested by Grandma - that worked on The Wife and her sisters - haven't worked, either. He's determined to stay a baby, and we're all getting tired of it - the number of places that they've had to leave because of The Baby's lack of potty habits; the amount of time spent pursuing it fruitlessly.... He's ready for it - he can and does hold it - but he's just not willing. His bedtime stuff has been ridiculous as well - just impossible to get to sleep, and requiring an adult and 45-50 minutes of time to get to sleep.

So, in a moment of sheer frustration. she picked him up and placed him in his room, on his bed. "We're done with this. While you're screaming, you're not allowed in Mommy and Daddy's room." She closed the door behind her.

He flipped his sh*t. Absolutely. But, after about 30 seconds of that, he stopped. He thought about it, started saying, "I'm sorry, Mommy," over and over, got out of bed (another first - he always cries until someone comes to get him), and came into our room. We told him that he could stay if he stopped screaming. He got control over himself and went to sleep quickly.

Who knew? We had no thought that the response would be a net positive - we were fairly sure that he would scream until we calmed down and got him. Don't get me wrong - this isn't necessarily a permanent solution, but at least it's a step towards goal.


On Sunday, Grandpa and I took 1 & 2 to the Pirates game. We sat high in the upper deck, right under the overhand - so, no beating sun and no rain. Best part? Quick game, fun game (Pirates won), and the boys got to run the bases after the game. It was awesome, and they loved it. I've got tickets for two more games this summer, and I'll take The Boy to one of them - maybe Little Bear to the other. I may not be able to make baseball fans out of them, but I'll at least make nice memories of going to the games with Daddy.

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