Saturday, August 30, 2014

First Day of School!



Little Bear started school yesterday. My manager was generous enough to let me work at home so that I could walk the boys to the bus in the morning, which was really special to me. (Side note: one huuuuuuge thing that I like about my position is that I can work at home sporadically, which lets me do things like this, or go to the Halloween parade, or something similar to this.) He was so, so excited about going to school! He has the same kindergarten teacher that The Boy had, and he was looking forward to getting there.

It was a good day for him, although interrupted for an hour or so (he missed recess) because of a doctor's appointment. I'm not entirely sure why the doctor's appointment was the first week of school - likely scheduling issues, because it's tough to get the immunization appointments close enough to the start of the school year because everybody needs them.

I have mixed feelings about full-day kindergarten. That's a LOT of time for 5-year olds to be in school. Then again, due to the economic necessities these days (single parent homes and two-income homes), half-day kindergarten is a difficult and costly option. But, it's fairly exhausting to kids like Little Bear and The Boy, who were used to half-day preschool before starting full day kindergarten. I distinctly remember the conversation with The Boy last year: "I'm not going back, Daddy. It's too long." The kindergarten at Minedeo does a nice job of mixing up the day so that they're not sitting still TOO much. Little people - particularly little boys - need to move around a lot. It's in the genetics.

The boys got home from the bus at the normal time, around 4 o'clock. Little Bear was an absolute little hellion, giving a lot of attitude and picking fights with his brothers, so The Wife sent him upstairs to calm himself down. After about 15 minutes, we hadn't heard any noise from upstairs, so I went up to check on him, and he was asleep on the bean bag chair. He woke briefly when I was giving a bath to The Boy and The Baby, went to the bathroom, drank some water, and put himself back to bed, this time in his bed. Around 4:45, he came into our room, climbed into bed with us, and slept until a shade after 6:30. Not too bad - 13 hours of sleep after his first day of school.


The Baby's response, up until a week ago, to my question, "What did you dream last night?", was "Elephants and Batman!" Last weekend, he started coming up with actual stories which might be descriptions of real dreams. This morning, he dreamed that he and I (he named me particularly) went for a walk to the playground and played super heroes. That was what we actually did last night, so that's cool. Yesterday morning, he said that he and I went to the zoo, which is what we did last weekend, so that's also cool.

His bedtime and potty training have also turned a huge, huge corner. He's started taking himself to the bathroom on a regular basis. He still has some poo accidents, but they're less frequent than before. Yesterday, he took himself to the potty twice to go #2! Bedtime has also been easier. When I've put him to bed this week, I've read him a few board-book type stories, we talked about his day, and then I gave a big hug, turned on his music, and left the room. When he wakes up - which he will inevitably do, around 9 or 9:30 - once he gets slightly calm - he'll drink some water and go back to sleep.

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