Wednesday, August 27, 2014

School Days

The Boy started school yesterday. He had a good first day: he likes his teacher, some of his friends are in his class, He gets music once a week, gym twice a week, and art once a week. Music and art might be twice per week, I'm not certain. He likes his new teacher so far.

I am truly amazed at the change in him, from the start of kindergarten until now. Don't get me wrong - he's still a little kid and my baby. But, he's much more comfortable and settled into the school routine, and he just looks like a school-aged kid. The glasses help, I suppose.

Little Bear starts on Thursday. He had his meeting with the kindergarten teacher(s) today, to test his academic levels - which is kind of a joke, because he's probably slightly ahead of where The Boy was last year, and he's a young 5. It's kind of like, okay, welcome to grade 3, go nuts, kid.

With The Boy, I'm not worried about him getting frustrated with school and tired of the material, at least for a few years. This is a creature of routine and schedule, of regularity and procedure. He will be my baseball stats man, my left-brained engineer. He will get bored with school, eventually, but he will enjoy the procedure and routine longer than his brothers. Little Bear, on the other hand, is less of a creature of routine and procedure. He is far more a creature of passion, of love, and of loyalty than his brother is.

When The Boy swings a baseball bat, he does it with precision and care, making contact with the ball often. When Little Bear swings the bat, he swings from his heels and puts his whole body into every swing. He misses, often, but when he connects, the ball travels far and fast. When The Boy plays violin, he carefully distributes the bow, moves his fingers, and is relating his notes to the notes on the page. When Little Bear plays, he uses the whole bow on every note and plays with his whole body. Little Bear taught himself to ride a bike without training wheels a shade less than 2 years (chronologically) than The Boy did, because he did it. He wants to be faster and stronger, and he wants to do everything his older brother does.

Public school, these days, does a great job of attempting to quash passion and creativity. Round peg and square hole and all that. As I stated earlier, I'm glad The Wife is in the building as often as she is, to keep an eye on him. I know he's going to be a popular kid: he's outgoing, friendly, quick to smile, and a generous person. I hope that's enough.

I know I said the same things last year, when The Boy started school, and he blossomed hugely, and I'm sure - intellectually - that Little Bear will do the same. I just hate that the boys are big enough to be leaving the nest more often, and more of their lives will be shaped by their schooling and their friends. It's a necessary part of growing up, both for them and for us as parents.

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