Friday, September 5, 2014

Viruses 'n'at

Did you know that "Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease" was a thing? I didn't, until yesterday when Little Bear and The Baby were diagnosed with it. Sigh. LB has been feverish off-and-on and had a terrifically sore throat, to the point of him not eating. That's odd, because Little Bear loves his food. The Baby started coming down with it on Wednesday night and spent Thursday and Friday convalescing on Mom's lap.

This, of course, means that nobody in the house has slept since Monday night. Even The Boy - who has come down with nothing as of yet, knock on wood - was awake at 2:30AM this morning, playing with his action figures. (The Tooth Fairy brought him Green Arrow on Tuesday night, when he lost another tooth.) Green Arrow and Captain Marvel were having some wonderful adventures on top of Daddy's back at that early point in the morning, which nearly lead to action figures (attached to a little boy) flying out of the second story window. Cooler heads prevailed, and this morning The Boy had some instruction to NOT bring toys into bed with Daddy and Mommy.

Besides, they hurt to roll over.

Little Bear made it through most of the day on Wednesday and the full day on Thursday. We haven't heard anything from the school on Friday, yet, and no news is good news. The Baby doesn't actually start school until this coming week, so all is good.


The Boy's afternoon class at the gifted center is going to be photography. I'm kind of excited about that for him, particularly since it might mean that I start to get the occasional picture of myself. In our iPhoto library, there's like 5,000 pictures of The Boy; 4,500 pictures of Little Bear; 3,000 pictures of The Baby; 3,500 pictures of The Wife, and 16 pictures of me. I realize I'm not as photogenic as the rest of the family, but - come on. Still, considering that I'm the one that takes most of the pictures (and am darn good finding well-framed and interesting shots), my expectation aligns with reality in this case.

The Wife and I are getting new iPhones when the new ones are announced next week, using money from her new position. We're really excited about it. I think we are going to remove the SIM cards from our iPhone 4S, and we'll give one of them to The Boy, specifically for use for photos, books, and games. Netflix and other videos will not be allowed, I think, for the time being.

I'm not prepared to make it an active cell phone, at this point, mostly because he doesn't have a use for it. He doesn't talk to friends on the phone or make his own plans, yet, and he's not involved with huge amounts of activities that will be a "call us when you need a ride home" sort of thing or a "I want a cell phone on you at all times so I can find you" sort of thing. Still, I don't think we're that far off of that time.


If I were especially motivated, I'd write something about how we should be training kids to use their smart phones intelligently in school. I mean, we want them to be technology-enabled, right? Why don't we train them how to use their phone for normal, everyday tasks, like we do? Show them how to properly research on the web, instead of quoting Wikipedia verbatim; show them the math and geometry resources that are there; the how-to sections that exist; the amazing helps and lifehacks where their technology makes a difference?

But, I'm not especially motivated. You know my general feeling towards education today (Common Core: bad curriculum designed by people who have never actually taught which prepare kids to take tests that don't actually measure anything useful; incompetent, reactionary administration is the norm; over-pressured and under-respected teachers are told that the idiots among them represent them instead of the wonderful, caring professionals that also exist), and you know that I'm an early-adopting geek (well, as early-adopting as a limited, barely-above-poverty-line income allows).


For those of you that are the praying sort, please add my niece to your prayer lists. She's had a rough summer - very ill with an autoimmune disease, lost her job because of it, and is just starting a long, difficult road to recovery that will, more than likely, take years. She's a great kid (not a kid anymore, 3 months from her 24th birthday - ugh. A kid.) and deserves better. Fortunately, her family and her fiancee have pulled her into their care,

I understand what she's going through - losing my job because of a serious illness, losing my house, having to move back with parents to recover, and taking several years to get back on my feet. It's hard. But, we Musical folk are made of tough stuff, and I know that she's going to pull through a lot faster and better than I did.

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