Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Yesterday, I had off from work (Veteran's Day), and The Boy & Little Bear had off from school. It was the last nice day of the fall, so The Wife and I dropped what we were doing and spent the day with the boys.

I slept late; my shoulder was bothering the heck out of me (price of growing old and continuing to exercise intensely), so I wasn't going to risk the free weights at home. We went to breakfast at The Bagel Factory, mostly because The Wife is always working on the weekends when we all go out. Afterwards, I drove The Baby to pre-school (they still had pre-school), which was nice: I got to chat with his teachers, who are very dear people that I don't see often. Harriett has had all three boys (I think Sally missed having The Boy), so we have a nice relationship. I think the world of her.

The four of us remaining went to the JCC on the way back. I worked out while they swam - then I joined them for a little dip. The boys are doing a nice job with their swimming and are certainly comfortable enough to go underwater and emerge again without incident. They're also tall enough to stand in about 90% of the shallow area of the pool. We played chase games, and dunking games, and throwing-little-boys games, and "get the change from the bottom of the pool" games, and that sort of thing.

After lunch, I picked up The Baby from pre-school, then all five of us went to the castle playground. I played baseball with Little Bear for quite a while, then the three boys spent time chasing each other around. When we got bored and hot from that (it was a bit higher than 70 degrees and sunny, and the water fountains were closed and boarded for the winter), we went home, fueled up, and went to the local park.

I'm pleased to say that we made it through the day without anyone getting injured or re-injuring old wounds (read: opening up chin wounds sustained by certain small members of the ursus genus). We had a lot of nice, easy, relaxed fun as a family group.

Also, the best part of the rest? Chorus rehearsal - with a meeting / discussion with friends beforehand - went quickly, smoothly, and easily. I'm a better director when I'm relaxed and well-rested.


We're all still dealing with a nasty cold. The Baby hasn't rested well at all during the week, which isn't easy on anybody. Try having one-on-one time with your wife when there's a crying, coughing, snotty little boy stuck to one of you - I'm not even necessarily talking about playing snugglebunnies, just having an actual adult conversation while we do such romantic things as clean the kitchen. Sigh. I know he'll grow out of it - I know I'll miss him when he's not a little, tiny boy any more - but I wish this part of his sleep development would end quickly.


Two more days, and I surprise The Boy and Little Bear with our trip to Cleveland to see Home Free, the a cappella group. I can't wait - I know they're going to be really, really excited. It's going to be a great trip.

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