Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Halloween is an interesting holiday in our house, mostly because the costumes are part of the everyday play. One or more children, when we're lounging around the house, is usually dressed in a super hero costume. They might not necessarily be playing super hero games, but they're in the costume hanging out. So, we started discussing what costume they're going to wear approximately one week before the holiday.

Eventually, they settled: The Boy and Little Bear had two costumes, one for the Halloween parade at school and the other for trick or treating. The Baby had similar designs, but they don't do a Halloween thing at the Rodef pre-school. Considering that I have awesome managers at work, they let me work at home during the day. I took no lunch during the day so that I could go to the parade and see the boys.

The day started with a light rain as I pulled up to the school. There was a handful of parents waiting on the stone bleachers around the playing field, and I joined them. the music started - "The Ghostbusters Theme" - and the kids started walking. They do a long, twisty course back and forth across the field, then around the outside of the school and back to the classroom. Little Bear wore a Mr. Incredible costume, and The Boy wore Batman. They were very excited to see me, and The Wife, and Grandma (who walked with Little Bear). I grabbed a quick hug before heading back home, stopping to drop of C & W, our new friends from around the block who have kids roughly the same age as The Boy and The Baby.

Later in the afternoon, the wife left for services, and the boys and I got ready to go. They didn't want me to wear a costume for some reason (already embarrassed?), and they wore different costumers from earlier: Spider-Man (The Boy), Lightning McQueen's pit crew (Little Bear), and a dragon/dinosaur (The Baby). We went down our dead-end street to say hi to our neighbors (mostly not home), starting trick or treating around 5:45-ish, after we ate dinner.

We went up our hill, then around the block. At the top of our hill, the houses are close together and the land is flat. It was still raining a bit, so we started with umbrellas, and the bigger boys wore rain boots. They had an amazing time, and The Boy was ready to hit every single house and talk to every single person: he wanted to tell them about his costume, and his powers, and what he wore in the costume parade, and that sort of thing. Sociable kid. The Baby spent the entire trip roaring at people like a dinosaur: I am honestly shocked that his voice lasted that long, although he does have good breathing technique. Little Bear had a good time at first, but he pooped out after about an hour. He was ready to go about twenty minutes earlier than the other boys - even earlier than The Baby.

We've been doling out the candy one to two pieces at a time, mostly because sugar is not that good for these children. It was an awesome holiday, with very friendly and active neighbors. I'm so glad I live in my neighborhood!

We ended the evening watching Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, which was awesome.

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