Thursday, November 13, 2014

Home Free Eve

24 hours from now, we'll be somewhere in Ohio, travelling to the Home Free concert. With luck, the boys will be fast asleep - a nice afternoon nap means that they'll be able to last the entire concert without an issue. I expect to arrive in Cleveland somewhere around 5, 5:30 - find the theater & park - find a place to eat reasonably close to nearby. With any luck, I can find a backstage door and see if I can shake any hands. I think the boys would absolutely plotz if they could meet the Home Free singers. I know that >>I<< am geeking out over the prospect, so I hope to make that happen. I have a feeling the crowd will be too large, but you never know.

I'm still trying to decide what we're going to do after the concert. We have family in the area, and we could probably stay the night there, but I'm waffling between driving home (arriving in the neighborhood of 1 or 2AM) and staying somewhere. I am going to bring a bag, and if we feel like staying - or if the driving becomes dangerous - then we'll stop. I don't mind spending $50 on a hotel room, mostly because we NEVER do crazy things like this.


The Boy has chosen "Witches' Dance" for his talent show violin piece this year, so he performed it for us. It's a little rough right now, but he's got a few months. The quartet was appreciative, but that's because they're cool guys and it's really cute seeing a kid that size play an instrument.


Little Bear's chin is healing quite nicely. We're still keeping it covered up, even though the cut has mostly scabbed over, because we don't want him playing with it. He's also doing a decent job of dealing with his finger-sucking, albeit grudgingly. We're trying to find substitutes that will calm his anxiety - sleeping with a blankey or a teddy bear, or chewing gum when he's awake. (...and G-d help him if I find gum stuck under any furniture in the house!)


Tonight, The Wife has quartet rehearsal, and we'll do baths and snuggles while watching "The Flash" as a group of boys. We like the show a lot, although it might be a shade too scary for Little Bear. He usually falls asleep 2/3 of the way through. The Baby rarely makes it past the credits. The Boy watches like I do - rapt attention and good response at the appropriate beats.

Now, if I could only get them into Doctor Who....

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