Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Packing List

Boys Clothes:

Underwear & socks, two per day per older boy, four per day for the younger boy.
Pants, shirts: two per day per boy, extra pair of pants for the youngest, reasonably nice outfit for "Christmas" dinner on Saturday.
Comfortable walking shoes.
Sweatshirt,jacket, hat, gloves for playing outside (as little boys like to do).
No stroller - The Baby is a bit too big, I think - but I'll pack the back carrier just in case I need it.

Kids' backpacks:

Coloring book and crayons
Two or three reading books
Action figure or two (or a handful of Sesame Street friends for The Baby)
Random toy or costume
Activity books for the older kids - mazes, dot-to-dots, word searches, that sort of thing

Grown-up stuff:

Box of presents & extra activity books for the trip home
iPad, old iPhone, new iPhone, power cords x 3
Maybe bring an Apple TV or a connector to the regular TV?
The Boy's medicine, children's Tylenol (just in case), band aids, antibiotic cream for cuts and scrapes


Box of cereal and almond milk (too complicated to convey what we eat to people who don't know)
Bars - granola, cereal, et al, both for the trip and for snacking
Fruit for the trip out (figuring my father will load us for the trip back)
Dinner Thursday night - likely turkey wraps, cucumbers, carrots, maybe some yogurts

So, we're leaving tomorrow after school, right around 4. I figure we'll stop for dinner around 6 - or when two kids wake up if they all fall asleep quickly - for a half hour or so, to let them stretch out a move a bit. Probably a stop near Harrisburg after that, then the next stop at the Dunkin Donuts near the Cabela's along route 78, then two more hours to my father's house.

Friday, we're "scheduled" for breakfast at a bagel place near home, then home to decorate his Christmas tree. Lunch at CostCo, then hang out for the rest of the day. Saturday, we're seeing Uncle B in the morning, then dinner with my father and brother's family for presents. Sunday, I'm seeing my friend D in the morning, then leaving right from his place in Scotch Plains / Fanwood. I figure we'll stop in Harrisburg in the mid-afternoon, then home around 7 or 8 or so. I'm not working on Monday - going to work around the house instead - but the kids do have school.

If anyone else in the northern New Jersey area is around and would like to see the kids, text me. Friday night is looking pretty good, although we might nip over to the Turtleback Zoo to see the light display.

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