Monday, December 1, 2014


Thanksgiving Weekend was, fortunately, considerably less interesting than the preceding week or so.

Tuesday night, at chorus rehearsal, the ladies decided to have a shortened evening and send everybody home around 8:30 or so, which was greatly appreciated. Amazing how 48 hours over 3 days in the hospital - combined with, basically, not eating for 5-6 days - can knock you flat on your back. My asthma cough started up that night, adding steroids to the maintenance cocktail that I'm already taking. My body basically decided to add that, because f*** you, that's why.

For the record, I'm very happy that November is over, so we can turn the page and move on.

Thursday, we had Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws' house. We had two other families - and another guest or two - come for the meal, which was wonderful. Little Bear loves one of the little girls that came - I mean, actually, seriously, full-body head-over-heels in love with her. I'm cool with that, as the little girl in question is a really cool chick - the sort of person that I like to befriend. I also got a nice baby fix, alternating between holding her younger sisters (twins, 6-8-ish months old) for the meal.

I forgot how quickly babies' hands move when there are sweet potatoes to squish and splatter.

Their parents offered numerous times to take her - but it isn't as if 1) I get to hold little, tiny, squishy babies often enough, and 2) I've eaten more meals with one hand than I'd consider, and that includes with my older boys. Besides, it isn't likely that I'm going to make another little baby any time soon, so - unless my sisters-in-law get started - I don't know when I'm going to get to play with babies.

Dinner went off without issue, the only blemishes on the day was forgetting the green beans and a misunderstanding involving a 3-year old and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. In other words, we were good. It was a real, honest pleasure to share the holidays with our friends and family like that. The kids were on their best behavior, and the grownups were fairly decent, as well.


I worked on Friday and Saturday. Grandma and Grandpa took the boys for most of the day on Friday, going to see the latest kids' movie. That let me have lunch with my wife on Friday, which was the first meal that she and I shared (by ourselves) in a month or so. That was a really, really nice treat. Friday night, we watched the latest episode of The Flash, which is the show that the boys and I watch together. It was the best episode since the pilot, with real suspense, real consequences, and some wonderful character development: I think all of us hid our eyes at some point during the show, which was cool. I'm glad to share that experience with my kids.

Friday night, the boys and I had a nice Shabbat dinner while The Wife was singing, and events lead us to this picture in the middle of the blessing of the wine & bread:

I'm not really sure what happened before, but I will note that our "wine" for the night - the only juice we had in the house - was prune juice, and they were each fighting to get more. No, I do not know why The Boy lost his shirt. The Baby was preparing to say the bread blessing.

We went shopping to Home Depot and the comic book store for Black Friday and came home with new garbage cans. I took advantage of clean, new cans to take Oscar the Grouch pictures. If I was motivated, I would photoshop the kids to have green faces, but I'm



Saturday was a beautiful day, and we spent a couple of hours at the Blue Slide Park. I did my best to chase around things 2 & 3, while The Wife and The Boy went for a nice, long walk along the dog trail in the park. We found a friend at the park - which was neat, because Little Bear told me (in no uncertain terms): "One of my friends is GOING to be at the park today, Daddy." We hadn't made plans, so luck favored us.

Saturday night, we watched the movie "Robots," starring Robin Williams and Ewan McGregor, among others. It's a wonderfully unappreciated, silly adventure story. The boys enjoyed it.


Sunday was another wonderful day, and we spent much of it putting up the Christmas lights outside of the house. The boys did a fairly decent job helping out - helping me straighten strings of lights and put them where they were supposed to go. One notable exception was The Boy and Little Bear playing skip rope with a new string of icicle lights (which promptly broke); that was annoying. Other than that, they helped me set up the inflatable guys, pound in the support stakes, and wrap the lights around the railings.

I love doing outside lights. My only disappointment is that my part of the block gets absolutely no traffic, so noone will actually see what I've done, but that's okay.

We took a break in the middle of decorating to go to the JCC to run around for a little while, then we came home and finished. The boys spent some time at Grandma's house in the afternoon while I rested, then we had a nice, leisurely end-of-afternoon and evening dinner and play session around the house.

We're dealing with some attitude issues with The Boy, but this post has gone long enough. I need to think about how to post about those.

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