Monday, May 5, 2014

Violin Recital

Yesterday, the boys played in a group violin recital for the their teacher, Ms. Tami. They're just about at one full year of playing, and it's really neat to see and to hear their progress. The program consisted of 8 large group numbers and 2 solo concerto movements, from very easy difficulty (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star) to Telemann concertos. The students were very young (3 years old) to a young lady graduating high school in a month, with every skill level in between.

Little Bear played in four of the numbers, and his relative age showed. He was a bit squirrelly, in between songs. He played quite well, and his bows after the songs were assured and confident. In the Orange Blossom fiddle tune, it was too fast for him and he kind of resorted to sawing a bit instead of playing what he was supposed to play. This is perfectly appropriate behavior; he was trying his hardest. Considering he was the second youngest player there, he did a great job. The best part: he plays with passion and abandon, using full bows and his entire body to play the instrument.

The Boy, without a doubt, is one of the most confident and self-assured kids I've met. He honestly does not seem to have one ounce of doubt or question in his personality, and his ego and confidence are second only to his father's. No doubt this is my kid.

The benefit of this is that he plays freely and without thought. He enjoys being in front of an audience and is not intimidated by anything. Side story: Saturday night, he and I went to a barbershop show. When he was returning from the bathroom during a quartet song (a parody version of "Who Let The Dogs Out") he proceeded to dance his way down the aisle, which cause much amusement for everybody. He's cute. Later, they were pulling tickets for the 50/50 and gift baskets, so they called him up to the front. He pulled the numbers, and after one or two, began to read them loudly and clearly into the microphone, even following it up with, "anyone? Anyone?" In other words, he has no issues whatsoever being in front of people.

I'm having issues making that a link, but check it out, and watch The Boy at the 1:10 mark.

So, Ms. T was saying her thank yous at the end of the show, and she said, "I don't know what else there is." The Boy, in this profound moment of appreciative silence, chimed in, "Pachelbel."

Today, due to a last minute schedule change, I got to take the kids to their lesson for the first time. It was neat to see; I enjoy watching a professional work, and it's nice to see that some of the tried and true kid techniques work with my little geniuses. #sarcasm

We're thinking that the violin is not going to be a long-term thing for Little Bear; it doesn't seem to fit his personality. Neat bit: his whistling is rhythmically and tonally accurate, which is an important part of his voicing abilities for the wind instruments. I was thinking that trombone will be a likely landing point, considering his personality, but I'm starting to reconsider that. It wouldn't shock me if he played saxophone like me, but I'll try to direct him to oboe or something rare.

I'm sure The Boy will play multiple instruments, but violin might be something he does for a while.

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