Monday, January 19, 2015

Collision of Galaxies

Tonight, I showed The Boy a cool little story (on a photographic story application called Storehouse) about the Andromeda Galaxy. It had recent pictures from the Hubble showing the millions of stars. It also had a scientist's hypothesis that, in four billion years, the Andromeda Galaxy and our Galaxy would pass through each other. I figured that he had been into space stuff lately and would think this cool.

Instead, it triggered an episode of existential angst. He came to the conclusion that, in four billion years, he would be dead and not able to see that stuff of which I spoke. I had a hard time dealing with that one, mostly because the time span of four billion years is a little bit outside of our comprehension. Four billion years ago, the earth wasn't a thing, and life wasn't life. In four billion years, we won't exist as a species - or, if we do, we'll be so changed and evolved that we won't recognize ourselves.

In an hour, it worked its way through his psyche and emerged as a more common "I don't want to die, someone might shoot me," set of fears. That, I can help. I gave reassurances and reminders that I've been so far successful in keeping him safe, and I reminded him that Daddy rules in all things, including protection. I gave a few extra snuggles, and he drifted off to sleep. I hope he was comforted.


Grandma fell while she was cleaning her room last week, leading to a minor fracture of a leg bone. I mean, as minor as a fracture can actually be. The important bit is, she will be okay and this should have no lasting damage. But, she's on crutches and in a brace.

On Friday, at temple, we were waiting in the preschool room for services to start. The Baby used some toys to make some "metal legs" for himself, so he could be just like Grandma. It was very cute.

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