Monday, February 9, 2015

Bear Hunting

Yesterday, I got home to find The Boy doing fairly well. Best guess was that he ate something that disagreed with him at the birthday party, and since his digestive system is a bit of a mystery.... GI issues. Voila! Grandma and Grandpa (well, Grandpa because Grandma still has that broken leg thing) cooked us a nice lunch, and we went home to enjoy the day

Since it was pushing 60 degrees, we pumped up the bike tires and sent them to riding. After about fifteen minutes, Little Bear disappeared in the house. Five minutes later, he hadn't reappeared, so I went bear hunting.

Same stomach issues as The Boy. Except for him, it was twice in about an hour, both times resulting in baths. Sigh.

Still, once that initial spurt resolved itself (pun intended), he was fine. At least it motivates me to thoroughly clean the downstairs bathroom.

We watched Jurassic Park with the rest of the afternoon. All boys were in bed around 8, and I followed soon after. This morning, I woke to find three boys in our bed.

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