Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dueling Children

Yesterday, the boys had no school because of the weather. The temperature didn't hit the teens until late afternoon, when it started to snow. Ironically, it was worse today: slightly higher (5-6 degrees) with snow and ice falling, but there was no delay or anything. Consistency, thy name is not school. But, I digress.

We stayed inside all day, not the least reason was because our hill was nigh-impassable. I took a nap mid afternoon, but other than that, we watched tv, wrestled, played card games and board games, and read. I played a great game of superheroes with the younger two, and we vanquished Batman's and Flash's entire rogues gallery with minimal casualties.

The highlight of the day for me was playing Yu-Gi-Oh! with Little Bear. I dueled him earlier in the day and beat him quite soundly, using his deck (while he used The Boy's). After dinner, we had the most epic duel of his playing career to date.

It was momentous in its scope. It swung from me winning to him winning, to me, to him, until I finally pulled it off: on my very, very last card that I could have pulled before I would have run out (and therefore lost the duel). I got my strongest monster on the field; he pulled a tricky maneuver and banished it from the game. His strongest came onto the field; I strategically removed it from the game. Everything I tried, he countered. Everything he tried, I countered. Until the last move, when he had no defense remaining.

I am so proud of him. It's not every five year old that can play such a thrilling game. He studies his cards and has memorized their attacks and defenses and effects, and he dreams about combinations to use his cards.

I also hope not every duel turns out like this. He'll wind up winning just because of endurance.

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