Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Monday night I was met at the door by Batman (The Baby) and Superman (Little Bear), who really wanted me to play superheroes and bad guys with them. Specifically, they wanted me to put on the Red Skull mask & outfit and be vanquished by the World's Finest. As much as I hated to do so, I declined; I had about twenty minutes from the time I walked in the door to eat, clean up, and leave for quartet rehearsal. Yesterday was chorus rehearsal, which means that I'm not home until 10:30PM or so, so I won't actually see them. Tonight I'll make a special effort to play with them before we go to the JCC to run.

Weirdly enough, due to an event at the temple, tomorrow night is a whole-family-is-home night, once The Boy is done with his chorus rehearsal.

The boys have started making their own Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. It's really cute. They're drawing pictures and trying to come up with effects and levels and things like that. Of course, everything is grossly overpowered. Considering that the average attack strength of a card is around 1700 or 1800, Little Bear's warrior card with a 60,000 attack is not the most reasonable card. When they find out the programs and websites that will let you print out your own cards - using "official" templates - I think their brains will explode.

It's still cute. Little Bear sits with his deck while he's watching television, drawing cards and playing a phantom game against an opponent. His dreams - that he tells me about in the morning - have changed. This morning, I was dueling him inside the television show. Yesterday, he and The Boy were dueling together, fighting two bad guys. The fact that this is catching their imagination really catches mine!

The amazing thing about children: their new discoveries of something sheds a fresh new light on it. Their enjoyment of the game allows me to enjoy it vicariously. This morning, they decided to duel each other before breakfast. It promotes critical thinking, strategic thinking, reading, talking, spending time together.... it's all a positive.

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