Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lazy Day

Today was a "cold" day: we stayed inside and didn't move much from the couch for the day. We tried around 1 to get to Grandma's house, but we could not make it up on top of the hill. I took multiple naps, which goes right along with the sore throat I've developed. Blech.

Last night, we watched the end of Star Wars, and 2 & 3 fell asleep. So, since The Boy was awake, we watched Guardians of the Galaxy together. He really enjoyed it, and he had been bugging me for a couple of months to watch it. The language was a little more colorful than we would prefer, but that's fine. We'll deal with that when we need to: like when he yelled, "G-d damn it!" when Little Bear made a good move in a card game today.

We did eventually make it to Grandma's house, which was great because Uncle C is in town. The picture is Little Bear snuggling with me while we watched Yu-Gi-Oh! earlier today.

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