Friday, February 13, 2015

Talent Show and Birds and the Bees

Tonight, The Boy and Little Bear are playing in their school talent show. Last year, I missed the talent show because of an early chorus retreat. I'm excited about the whole thing: The Boy is playing "Go The Distance" on his violin, and Little Bear is playing a song from the Suzuki cello book. The Wife is accompanying them on piano. I'm in charge of The Baby and videotaping, both of which I can handle. From what the wife says, this should be a very cute evening: there are kids who sing, who dance, who play different instruments, and a few Stupid Human Tricks, to quote the old David Letterman sketch.

(No, I'm not saying your kid's trick is stupid. It was a bit on a late-night talk show. Look it up. Some of the stuff was pretty cool.)


Last night's Flash episode was the weakest of the season, and none of the kids made it through the entire episode without falling asleep. The most uncomfortable part was the date between Barry and Linda Park (who was dating Wally West - Barry's nephew and Kid Flash - in the comic, which is weird enough), which ended with him shirtless and popping up from behind a couch. Little more kissing than I really wanted to watch with my children - I don't want to have the discussion about the birds and the bees with a 7, 5, and 3 year old.

Not that I'm against having that discussion - I just would prefer to have it a little later. And one at a time. And not while I'm trying to watch one of my favorite current shows. And not when I'm planning on going to bed soon after the show. Give me a little time to breathe and for the discussion to happen naturally.

I wonder how the discussion will go. I honestly don't know what general viewpoint I'll espouse - other than, don't get her pregnant, and don't play snugglebunnies just for the sake of playing snugglebunnies. I don't think the "wait until marriage" thing is particularly relevant in modern American society. I mean, if you can, and if it's important to you both, then more power to you. Ms. Right is more important than Ms. Right Now, I guess, and you can really make memories that you'll regret if you settle for the wrong person. Then again, we've all done that, and we all have our embarrassing, squeemish memories that we'll take to our graves.

Granted, most of THAT won't come up until later. Most likely, any questions will be the generic clinical, "Where do babies come from?" questions, which has an easy answer. ""

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