Monday, February 16, 2015

Too Cold to Move

From Little Bear: "The Baby's socks smell like peanut butter!"

Never heard that one before.


Stuck inside the house today because of the weather: currently nine degrees by the widget in my journal program. I've been under the weather all day, which has fit with the general household hibernation feeling.

The Boy was up at 1am with awful belly issues, and The Wife stayed right along with him. I didn't notice, having a small snuggle buddy to keep me asleep. He was stationed on my chair all day today. We did go to Eat'n'Park with Uncle C this morning, but all of us ordered easy stuff instead of the usual crap.

We filled the day with a Yu-GI-Oh! marathon and some board games, some card duels, and some super heroes and bad guys. I got some work done on my presentation, which is the end of next week and coming quickly. Next trick: finding four or five short videos to play for the assembled educators.

The boys were supposed to have school today. Not really sure why they have school on President's Day, but whatever. The cold cancelled everything - by 9:00, the temperature still hadn't reached as high as 0 degrees F. Little Bear took a nap, curled up half on the couch.

It is currently snowing, meaning tomorrow will be interesting.

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