Saturday, February 7, 2015


Little Bear has taken to Yu-Gi-Oh! duel monsters card game like a fish to water. He studies his deck, and he has memorized the attack and defense stats and the exact card effect card verbiage. It's quite impressive, really. The Boy enjoys it as well, and the two of them have huge, epic duels, just like in the anime show. They keep score sometimes, and sometimes they don't. Other times they keep score in the middle. Doesn't matter.

I've got three different "decks" that I've put together, from the couple years that I played regularly. They like playing my decks, even though I usually beat them handily. Except, Little Bear whipped me in the first game I ever played him.

I downloaded a card list for our devices, and Little Bear has started reading about other cards. Won't be long before they're designing their own decks.

I like playing real games with them. They're smart kids with a quick wit, and the time we spend is nice bonding time. We're only a couple years (The Baby reading) before we have Family Game Night!!!

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