Friday, March 27, 2015

Busy Evening

So, tonight I met The Wife and the boys at Rodef for services. The choir was singing, so it was a Big Deal service tonight. The boys were dressed in their cutest white shirts and clip-on ties.

Since I got there at 5, and the services didn't start until 5:30, we went into the preschool room to hang out for a half hour. The boys played with some pirate ships, and costumes, and trucks - you know, normal stuff. At 5:20, they started cleaning up, and we went in at 5:45.

We take a break at the 2/3 mark of the service, as a group. Each of the older boys took turns escorting The Baby into the bathroom and back. The Baby cutely fell asleep right at the end of the service, which was beautifully done by the choir and my wife. I left him snuggled on a couch during the post-service snack time.

When we got home, I started straightening up the downstairs and sent the little ones up to get ready for bed. Once they got upstairs, I heard some crying and "Yep, that's puke."


The Baby got into the tub while I cleaned up, and The Wife finally arrived home to help. She took the baby, and I grabbed 1&2 to help me downstairs. The kitchen and dishes got cleaned, and I told the boys all about themselves. Once that was done, we got into pajamas, read some stories, and bedtime.

You'd think this would get easy.

Side note: wtf, Pittsburgh? Snow? It's March 27, for crying out loud.

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