Thursday, March 12, 2015


Our run this evening was cut short by Little Bear having a sudden attack of the bathroom jumpies, so we had to leave Minadeo (where we went to run, considering that it was 60 degrees out this evening). But, we did get to go outside to run, which was really nice. We were only 1/12 short of a mile, so it wasn't too bad.

The boys are still really cute, and they enjoy the physical affection that I like to show. When we run, The Boy is happiest when we can hold hands, which I think is just wonderful! I know it won't be too long until he's too "big" to hold hands with his daddy, and I have every intention of enjoying it until then. It's really kind of neat when LB is on one side and The Boy is on the other. Makes me really happy.

I was dueling Yu-Gi-Oh! with Little Bear, and our neighbor came by. She's a newly single mom, with a boy that is right around the same age as the older boys. We went outside and played football together - sort of. It was more of a "Calvinball" with loose football rules, but it was fun. Made up for the tenth mile we were missing, I think. The players on the teams ebbed and flowed, and players switched sides at random. The plays usually resulted in a touchdown, only because players kept switching sides and renegotiating the definition of a tackle. That's cool, because running them around was the important thing.

Little boys need to run around. It's genetic. Little girls do, too, for sure; but little boys like mine need lots of physical activity for their brains to keep functioning. I'm glad we had that this afternoon.

The other thing we did was to have a birthday cake in honor of Grandma's mother. It's a nice way to keep her memory alive and to tell some stories. I had to buy the cake... which meant getting to Giant Eagle and face timing with my wife so she could pick the cake out for us to eat.

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