Sunday, March 15, 2015

Games Played

After being gone for a few days, things picked up as normal. I got to my in-laws' house at about 12:30, and we enjoyed a nice lunch with Uncle C, who was in town for a bit. The kids and I cleaned up a bit before leaving, which would be a nice habit for us to get into, and got home so that Mom could nap for an hour. I turned on Yu-Gi-Oh! and got a ten minute catnap.

Side note: I've become a little too caffeinated lately. I need to cut back. I'll work on it.

After watching two episodes, I bounced the kids from the house to go outside. The Boy made up stories while sitting on the porch. Little Bear rode his bike up and down our hill. The Baby ride his big wheel down and around the curve, where he found a big pile of icey snow. He, Little Bear, and I spent about fifteen minutes kicking the snow because it was fun.

The Wife was home around then, and she banished The Boy from the porch. He came down and all four of us played a rousing game of tag. It was a lot of fun because they played so nicely with The Baby; since everybody kind of wanted to be “It,” nobody ran too hard. Eventually, The Baby just decided that he was going to keep tagging everybody regardless of whether or not he was “It,” which was fine with us.

The Boy eventually got a scooter with which to play, and the other boys and I played monkey in the middle using The Baby's bounce ball - you know, the thing with the handle that you sit on and bounce. It's bigger than a kickball. It was a lot of fun: I would bounce the ball off of the monkey's head, and we all did a good job of keeping the game competitive.

Before I knew it, about three hours had passed and it was about ready for dinner time. Little Bear and I dueled once, then we ate, and we dueled again. He's starting to figure out that he needs to be imaginative with how he plays his cards to succeed against me, which is the point.

He was very proud, earlier in the day, to explain his strategies to Uncle C, who is a game player. Hopefully they'll be kindred spirits like that.

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