Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Purim Redux

Took a sick day today from work - well, the type of sick day I like to take. I worked four hours in the morning then spent the rest of the day in bed, asleep. One of the benefits of having the ability to work at home (and a manager who is compassionate about letting me do it) is that I don't have to miss an entire work day because I need significant extra rest. I'm fairly sure this isn't a flu thing, but I'm tired enough to be concerned. Might do the same thing tomorrow. We'll see.

Tonight, though, is Purim, and The Wife's choir is performing. This means that I'm bringing the boys to temple, pretty much regardless of how I'm feeling. They're doing brinner tonight (breakfast for dinner), and everyone is wearing costumes, just like on Sunday. They're going to read the whole Megillah (pun intended) tonight, and then I'll go home and crash. Sigh.

It would be better if everything didn't hurt.

The boys are cute. It took them a while to decide on exactly which costumes to wear, which was funny. It makes me interested to see what'll happen when they're preparing to go out on a date.

The Boy had a big moment during his violin yesterday. He had a little extra time because the person following him was late, so they decided to play the Lully piece on which he was working. He said he felt like complaining, but he decided against it because playing the piece would end it faster than complaining about it. That's a big moment for him.

Here's a rare photo of Little Bear allowing someone else to wear the Superman outfit:

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