Saturday, March 28, 2015


This morning, we had the pleasure of The Wife having a Saturday off. It was good timing, because I had to work. One of the best features of my job: work at home, when I have to work on Saturdays.

So, she had the boys cleaning the house for much of the morning. I had lunch leftovers when I was done with work, then dueled Little Bear in Yugioh. He's still not quite figuring out how to combine his cards, but he's getting better. He reduced me to 100 life points before I finally managed to beat him.

He does beat me occasionally. Just not often, and the longer a duel goes, the better odds that I'm going to win. I'm not going to let him win, but I will admit to the fact that I don't press my advantage as hard as I otherwise would have. Today, there were three or four occasions when I could have ended the duel very early, but I pointed out his mistake or helped him play his cards better. I'm supportive and educational without pandering.

The Wife allowed me to have a nap while she took them to the JCC to run their mile. We would have run outside, but I was tired and it was snowing (!). After, we had a pajama party at Rodef. Two and three came with me.

Mom and One had a nice night: started some plants in planters by the window, then eat n park for dinner, then Grandma's house to play. She needed that kind of a night with him - just all positives.

The two boys and I went to hear stories - Passover stories. After we listened to them, we went to the mulipirpose room, ate pizza and ice cream, and made crafts. Then the preschool kids ran around, played ring around the Rosie, and tackled each other repeatedly.

The multipurpose room is the indoor playroom for when it's too cold to go outside, so they are programmed to go a bit nuts. I also remember a time when watching my children tackle each other on linoleum floors would make me nervous. Weird, right?

We went home, read stories, and went to bed. A wonderful, eventful, boring evening.

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